PJ flip studi today I have a headphone storage hat well Mike I have a headset but you know when you’re game with your headset when you’re done just toss them to the side or just drop them or when you made your dome on the ground but in this video to learn how not to do that and start them.

In a clean spot and make a room look Fred so basically all it is is taking your headset or.

Headphones or whatever like over ear headphones and just putting it in some phone hang up another sway bar show.

You a second alright so I got the flash on so it’s kind of hard to see without it so here it is it’s my headset right here and then Mike in this phone so like my head’s I came this phone thing you don’t have a phone you go buy one to cut it out I guess or just like put in a box all I did was a hook right here cut a little loop that knife in this home and hung it on this this is just a binder ring that took that hold hung it is.

So that won’t fall out cuz they’re hanging and for the cord yeah he’s not that give this not a chair so the course will.

Melt I looked at around the back so kind of hides a cord a bit so it looks better I came out to fix this stuff I wanted to but I’m kind of lazy I wonder that right now and that’s buddy could you get this place however you want to now basically just.

Hanging your headphones up in this orderly fashion it kind of looks cool you could.

Put a lower higher I put my laptop right here if but down here.

You’re like sitting here like yes and.

Then grab your headphones off right here cuz I’m sitting down it’s like when I turn my head so it’s he’s not next my head and a little over but you get the point it’s like near enough for as you grab it and it’s easy to put away yeah so for Mark’s thorough explanation it’s not about this just.

Paint right here hey there’s the phone and headset as you can see the wire just hangs that from the bottom.

Here is high one hand are you unhook this thing like that you just grab your headset well it comes up very easily like that a phone is just a headphones that’s it or grab your mic plug it in and you’re good to go and this thing close back together you don’t have to lose when you’re right here just leave is this it just hangs like this it looks pretty clean too because it’s so nice and square pretty cool actually recommend it Sukie break this you know use your headset or headphones.

That you’re done you just take them off close close just hang your back like this close the ring there’s however you want to put the what’s called the other.

Cord wire thing headphone thing you just wrap it around like fresh Jesus like.

Hang it like that tie up right here Nick right here to tie it up pretty easy it is anything you want you could customize it however you like pretty clean alright guys think different from make.

It end of the video that speaks to the heck we’re just putting in the phone box or go and hang it with on hook like that ask the life hack or your headphones so you don’t damage it by.

Sleeping around or stepping on in what but and we please remember to like subscribe leave a comment will avoid like to see bye.


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