Hey everybody how’s it going so last week we did that shoot oh the sm57 versus the t-bone MB 75 this being priced for $99 us and this for about $30 u. I ran a couple of test clips and asked you guys what you thought what was the 57 what was the t-bone it was very surprised by the results.

Got anyway before we get into that let’s play the clips back this time identifying what mic is.

What here we go now what really surprising about this whole thing were just how many of the comments picked the a mic as the 57 and got it completely wrong and you know there’s nothing wrong with that human perceptions flawed it happens to all of us you know myself included you a lot of you guys heard a difference.

In the mics and heard that the one mic was definitely brighter than the other but it turns out the the t-bone was actually the bright one not the 57 I’m not gonna go through all the comments and whatnot.

Real gems though I think you guys shouldn’t here give me Mike a B it was on the dull side I’m gonna my pants if B.

Was the shirt while their mister Agent Orange you’d better get because guess what B was this sure well firstly the clips are different the snare clips are the closest and the 57 is far brighter than the copy listen to on KRK Rokit 5.

With a red net a 16 are as converted just goes to show it doesn’t matter how much you spend you can still be wrong so I listen to it through my 1970.

Custom-built for NBC TV Neve audio console monitoring through Mike care KB sixes and it’s obvious to me the B microphone was the sm57 but I know everyone’s gonna pick the a as a 57 for only it’s hyped I’m sorry you’re on cute trick though you sir are absolutely right on the money yeah the 57 is definitely the.

Slightly darker mic it’s a little bit more.

Rounded whereas this one tends to it’ll be a little bit spicier especially on the heavy guitars you’re gonna really tell the difference when the good tracks are so lit up but let’s face it 99% of the time people listening to records are going to be listening to the mics in the context of a mix not sold so that’s where it really counts anyway I want to point.

Out though you can get three of these for the price of this and this comes in handy for a couple of different applications.

If you want to experiment say with the Fredman technique you know you can grab a 57 them just grab one of these t-bones for an extra thirty bucks and you’re in business another cool thing to get these for would be say if you’re doing live.

Sound because I’ve certainly been to enough gigs where gear tends to grow feet and disappear and never be seen ever again losing one of these is definitely gonna hurt a whole lot less than losing one of these especially if it’s multiple microphones considering again three for the price of one so if you like the t-bone yeah grab yourself.

One you’ve really got nothing to lose other than 30 bucks it’s definitely worth checking out and it’s definitely worth having one around to experiment with anyway hope you guys got some use out of this video as always check the link.

Description below and I’ll see you guys next time hey guys if you liked the video be sure.


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