Hey what is going on guys it is Gleek back again with yet another Pokemon Trading Card Game online showdown video for you guys so today I’m playing a completely different deck as salty as I am from the last video of running within sinner or and getting completely screwed over by orangey and luck I mean completely I played to.

The best of my abilities do not make any misplace I feel like I don’t know y’all will.

Really messed up in that in that last video but anyway today I’m back at it again with a.
Different deck this time this is Metagross Metagross with some.

New stuff in it a few new things I guess the last time I played Metagross actually was probably I want to say like a year ago Metagross honestly was one of the first like competitive decks that I played a lot of Metagross has been around for a while like since what Guardians rising right so it’s been around for well over a.

Fall-off in the meta game not too long ago just because well for one volcanion was always doing pretty well volcania and ho-oh you know once a Keowee dropped and all the holo decks started popping up out of nowhere you know Metagross users were you know pretty much always worried about that so it kind of fell for that reason another reason is the deck this isn’t.

Really a one-shot deck Metagross it’s not really a one-shot pokemon yes it does a beefy HP so you know there is a way to keep it around for a while but this deck actually does require.

Decent amount of energy too or it requires a decent amount of cards on your board to set up it takes a little bit of time and on top.

Of that even once you’re set up you’re not really going to one-shot most things I think when you know buswell was around unless you have.

A choice been attached you’re not really actually even with a choice been attached even one shotting puzzle so that’s another reason why Metagross in general just kind of fell off but you know I saw the stick on Facebook somebody shared a variation of Zach.

I had to make some slight changes because some of the cards I was missing especially another Stevens resolve I was missing I don’t have to Steve as resolves I probably should get another one but I was like you know what I don’t really know if I’m going to run to like I don’t really know if I’m going to play too so.

I just didn’t bother getting another one I actually use the remaining of my packs and just open them wondering what I would get I got absolutely nothing maybe I should have.

Got the the Stevens resolve it’s like probably one of the best supporter cards from celestial storm but anyway this is what we’re running today so we’re gonna go with the same format as usual you know I am still kind of new to these TCG Oh videos and like I’m still kind of.

Trying to decide how I want to go about these if I want to just.

Do like a feature deck and duel a Turing or if I want to do.

A feature deck and do events I feel like the thing about doing events though is like obviously I only have so many tickets I have 34 right now yes it’s it’s I have a handful of tickets right now but like they will run out really fast that’s pretty much the reason why I’m only doing these once a week is because even when I do start.

Playing this game actively which I will be starting this week again pretty much up until the new set drops or I guess through the release of the new set because you know I’m I.

Haven’t had a lot of time to play this lately I haven’t even had a lot of time they go to offline tournaments but now I’m getting back into it so I kind of got to play catch-up on stream this week and get ready for a standard tournament that I’ll be competing in at Yuma con in.
The next weekend so you know I got to spend some time with the game and.

I definitely want a ladder for that goose but right now how many days left do I have actually I want to check I haven’t started the ladder at all okay I have six days so I mean I could do it I could if I were the street in this game every day for the next three days I could do it.

I think no for that six days I could do it for sure I could probably do it on like the fifth or sixth day before this ends I.

Don’t know we’ll see what happens I also have this game on my phone now so I have it’s it’s way easier now for me to play on the go so I don’t need to like worry about playing it on my laptop or bringing my laptop with I got it on my phone so anyway back to the deck so I just want to go over real quickly for you those of you who may.

Not be familiar with Metagross I feel like anybody watching this video probably knows all about this deck so basically how this variation of meta grouse works this is actually Rob Metagross which is kind of different because ever since ever since the release of I think it was forbidden light when.

Mount coronet dropped ever since the release of that set I’ve never seen Rob Metagross like this I’ve always seen people running Metagross along.

With Mount coronet to help power it up but this Metagross by itself you’re actually trying to set up at least you want art well with the amount of energy I’m running which is only seven you kind of want to have all three meta.
Grosses or at least three meta graphs to set up on.

Board as quickly as you possibly can because that way you know after you attack you can kind of just charge up your you kind of just.

Retreat and then charge up your meta grosses with the geotech system ability and so you can pretty much just get three energies every single turn so you can just constantly keep retreating out retreating a new meta gross and while the other one.

Has to recharge do that you don’t I guess technically you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to you could always go for like some Guzman gimmick or something along those lines but most of the time you’re gonna be retreating out and retreating back in and charging up your Metagross your active Metagross along with your two.

On bench with geotech system getting your energies back so that’s kind of how raw Metagross works you’re not really relying on mount coronet to get your energies back into.

Your hand or anything I guess that’s one way they go about it I suppose but geotech system draws straight from your discard piles so it’s pretty convenient to just rely on the retreat mechanic as a sort of system to just get your energies back on to your Pokemon because I believe if you’re gonna go the mount coronet.

Route if I were to go to mount coronet route I would probably have to take out these these and this and swap them.

In with Magnezone x’ and a few Magnum mites which would take up my rare candy usage I.

Don’t really like that build I like this one because it’s so familiar and at the same time it’s just like it’s a lot more straightforward you don’t have to worry about setting up as much the other one you got to worry about your mount cornets getting filled lured away can’t field lower abilities and you got to worry about setting up your Magnezone as well as your meta grossest so I just feel like it’s it’s just kind of annoying but anyway so.

Um yeah this is a variation we’re running today we do have so Galle OGX here I suppose if you really need to take out something beefy it’s probably a good idea the textile Gallio GX you know if you know your opponent is running a deck where it has cards that have 200 + HP it’s probably a good idea to tech so Gallio as fast as possible but again.

If you’re gonna textile Gallio you need to have three meta grosses at least three preferably you’re gonna need to have three setup on your bench or on your board sorry so you can geotech ability wait a second oh yeah so you could geotech ability why don’t we call it geotech ability geotech system ability and recharge your soul gallio’s so that is about it I’m gonna try the play as best as I can we’re gonna go into an event so I think.

What I’ll do these events take so much time sometimes but like I don’t like these to be this long but at the same time when you do events like if you lose one game you’re out and it’s just like what kind of video is that you know but then again all this waiting time waiting for players enter is just kind of ridiculous eight tickets dude.

Oh my god that means I would burn through 16 today all right so I think yours what I’ll do if I go one.

And done I’ll do another one depending on how fast people join if I manage to if I manage to win one game and just lose I’ll probably just leave off there but you know I’ll try my best when I’m on stream it seems like in Wendy’s consistently but whenever I do a.

Video I just like either get completely washed or like very close games and I get screwed over in that but there are zero people in here right now so.

I’m going to just join now and where are.

You crap I never I never saved it okay so yeah here we are in here right now so I think I will cut the video here and pick up when more players have joined the lobby.

All right so we are finally getting into the first game thank God I didn’t get to see what this guy might be running but I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s gonna be sweating across but as usual let’s.

Go with tails this time usually always goes go ahead nope lost should’ve won with Heights okay so at least we have a beldam to start things off which is pretty nice always good so Galle I’m not too enthusiastic about don’t really need that in my hand this early um-hmm well we have to nest balls here but aside from that this hand is pretty freakin dead this is not gonna help.

Me at all hopefully this guy either plays a hand reset or this isn’t looking good yes I will definitely draw an extra card okay we got a rescue stretcher ouch ouch that may be worse than what.

I’m dealing with starting with a okay this is Gardevoir starting with a top of the lay lay on your bench that sucks may be wondering why I’m running this beldam that requires two energy to attack that is because at a.

70 HP I’m actually running two of these and two of the wanna say it’s C did he really draw a lily oh my god he actually drew it to Oh Lily man oh man oh.

Man you know what sucks even more about this is that I don’t think ah dude Gardevoir is gonna be so hard for this deck to kill because it is be beefy of D.

Beefiest this actually going to be a bus abou impossible yeah and then I guess we just go for cause smog here yeah it’s best choice IMO that’s all I can do i hem oh this really sucks this is this sucks the sucks I don’t also say this is.

Bunts the skateboard okay who’s gonna try to get that out of there as soon as possible energy evolution to sylveon oh wait what’s the sound of my.

Okay yeah my options are oh my god judge thank God like judge is.

So helpful right now oh okay okay okay this is this is not bad I’m feeling this and then he will get three cards okay so I could judge him in return I could.

I could definitely most certainly do that yeah damn Stephens was all would be really nice but I’m a Metagross.

So like allowed me to do anything he’s got.

A lot of cards so I’m honestly thinking about judging just because yeah that’s that hand is ridiculous I need to disrupt any possibility of him having.

Carnivores or candies etc etc so I think I will go for judge here also I basically just need a rare candy off of.

This and a Metagross we could already get evolutions going right now I don’t really want to attach matang to my active because the possibility of it just getting picked off right away is pretty high so I kind of want to avoid that from happening so we’ll.

Put my tang on my bench we will throw energy on to him because why not topple a li grab ourselves please don’t be prized yeah grab ourselves a judge yep yup I.

Could try it like I could try to race him at this point but like honestly it’s just it’s really just nice it’s.

Really just not worth it all right we got a lily off of this which is cool here next turn.

I could go for yeah next one I could go for Metagross and Lily and just see but I don’t know I need another metal energy so.

We’ll have to figure that out when the time comes hopefully he doesn’t have a DCE cuz that would screw me over a lot and he does what do you know Andy Cynthia dude oh my god.

Best of all great really feeling this I can’t even one-shot the well I can’t even like one shot the he.

Didn’t attack what really you don’t want to kill that.

Off interesting okay choice man.

Would get me a little closer to killing it but wait a second that’s right I forgot sylveon this week the steal Gardevoir is weak to steal yo why how come I always forget that that’s right that’s right okay.


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