Hi I’m hazel and today we’re going to be talking about what to do as a fresh level 120 character in BFA when you first finish leveling there’s a lot going on so this is kind of a priority list to make sure that you don’t miss anything important the first thing is that you are going to want to unlock.

World quests now like many things on this list this.

Only needs to be done once per account so after.

You’ve done it on your first character on all of your future characters that will already have world class ready to go in order to unlock world quest for the first time there are two major requirements the first one is that.

You reach friendly reputation with the three leveling zone reputations of BFA so for Alliance that’s the order of embers the pridemore Admiralty and storms wake whereas the.

Horde is going to want to reach friendly with this and alluri Empire tell Angie’s expedition and the fold a knife that.

Aside the second requirement is to unlock all three foothold on the enemy continent through your war campaign you’ll need those just to get there in the first place so that makes sense with all that done a.

Quest pops up there will unlock the FA world quest and give you your flight masters whistle I like to slap that on one of my bars on the side.

That way I can see the cooldown really easily and then just use it without having to dig through my bags something super quick that you’re gonna want to take a look at really early is remember to talk to the research NBC near your mission table you’ll unlock access to the research tree pretty early in.

The war campaign and if you’ve forgotten to talk to that person and get the next step rolling then now’s a good time your next step is to check in on the war front zone I am putting this.

Very early in the video because it is an easy source of 3:40 gear and getting some of that early can help you jump.

Past some of those item level requirements like 305 to get into heroics that can otherwise stop you up and slow your progress in order to queue for the actual war front you need to be item level 320 and your faction needs to be in that phase but to go do the outdoor content you can be item level whatever you want and all of.

The rares in the outdoor war front zone have a chance to drop you item level 340 pieces of loot there are also other quests that give you a bunch of war resources that will probably also be good for you at the stage so kill.

The world boss if it’s up for your faction and then get into a group that’s traveling around killing rares and make sure that you hit all of them for maximum chances at 340 pieces and it can also get you pets and toys in a couple of mounts if you have the add-on world quest.

List you can see exactly where those rares are on your map by looking at these own map and pressing this T here on the world quest list interface if you are passed item level 320 and your faction can queue for.

War fronts do that and do that as much as you can stomach pick up the quest before you do your first one and we’ll give you a guaranteed peace of 370 loot and then every war front that you complete gives you a guaranteed peace.

Of 340 loot so you’ve gotten what.


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