If you’re a musician or you work in any kind of loud environment you will eventually need some hearing protection so here is a look at your options focused on hearing protection for musicians so first of all at the top left we have the studio headphones and this is a nice pair of over ear headphones they work great I.

Would wear these playing electronic drums or acoustic drums at home but I definitely wouldn’t.

Take them to a gig now coming down these are some wireless headphones and these are some standard in-ear headphones either of these headphones would do if you couldn’t find some ear plugs just put these in with nothing running through them and it will block some of the.

Sound I also sometimes use the in-ear headphones with construction headphones overtop these construction.

Block out the sound of acoustic drums and cymbals and allow me to hear what I’m listening to you better next we have the standard single use bright foam earplugs that.

Are often given away at construction sites and in clubs you can also.

Get the slightly better conical shaped foam ear plugs these are washable and reusable and they have a strap of ten dollars at a drugstore next.

We have a slightly better conical ear plug and they have a hollow stem going into the cone and these are a little clearer and a little better sound quality these go for about twenty to.

Twenty-five dollars at a drugstore and probably forty dollars at a music related store next we have the best option if you can afford it and if you need it these are very clear they come with a couple.

Different filters to reduce different levels of sound and these are custom molded so when I got these I had foam injected into my ear both ears and even laughed when I got one of my ears injected with foam and they had to redo it but they didn’t charge me extra which was good they said a lot of people laugh anyway these are about probably.

250 to $300 now so worthwhile investment though especially if you play drums as I do or if you play gigs and you just want the clarity so those are your options and I would list just like to close.

By saying the one time that you should always wear earplugs is sound check it’s not a commentary on sound gear or sound technicians ability it’s just that.

That’s the time when you’re guaranteed to get blasted with feedback so follow the rules sound check equals earplugs and you’ll be good.


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