Hello everyone welcome to our new video today we are going to check out three best cheapest drone we made this video by quality price and durability of the product if you want to know more and buy one please check the Amazon link on video description ok let’s start the video the video number three unique youngkyu Montesquiou portable 4k.

Camera drone mantis q the foldable and convenient travel drone for small and big adventures alike it listens to you through the power of voice control and watches you with visual tracking.

Following you wherever you go whether you’re.

Backpacking on a road trip or with your family at the beach Montesquieu’s energy-efficient design stays airborne for up to 33 minutes and provides you with extraordinary.

Photos and video clips from above just smile at your drone if you like once activated the face recognition takes a picture of you as soon as it sees your face in a distance of up to 4 meter the Mantis takes pictures with a resolution of four thousand eight hundred by two thousand seven hundred.

Or four thousand one hundred sixty by three thousand one hundred twenty pixels in jpg or PNG format videos up to 1920 by 1080 are electronically stabilized over to access the integrated camera can be tilted up to 20 degrees upwards and 90 degree downwards during flight the Mantis flight controller is based on the familiar open source project P by 4 which is known for being extremely stable and reliable it’s one of the best quadcopter number two DJI Mavic air camera drone 3-axis Kimball camera the Mavic air is.
The most portable DJI drone to house a three axis mechanical gimbal.

With its angular vibration range reduced to 0.
05 degrees set in a triangular formation gimbal dampeners helped create even steadier shots 32 MP steer panoramas in addition to horizontal vertical and 180-degree panoramas the Mavic air stitches 25 photos together in just eight seconds to create crystal-clear 32 megapixels fear.

Panoramas one view them from an immersive perspective with DJI goggles 4k 100 Mbps video the Mavic air shoots video at.

An incredible 4k 30fps recording at 100 Mbps to capture every second with UHD quality slow-motion video with support for recording 1080 pixel 120 fps slow-motion video the Mavic air captures all your epic.

High-speed adventures HDR photos new HDR algorithms help you obtain the right exposure settings intelligently according to lighting conditions overexposed or dark areas are processed for more natural transitions between highlights and shadows while DSP acceleration allows for more efficient.

Shooting without these the drone comes with eight gigabytes internal storage geometric elegance 3d foldable design number one DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone Mavic 2 Pro Hasselblad camera made in Sweden Hasselblad cameras are renowned for their iconic ergonomic design uncompromising image quality and Swedish craftsmanship since 1941 Hasselblad cameras have captured some of the world’s most iconic images including the first moon landing co engineered in partnership with Hasselblad after two years of tireless research the Mavic 2 Pro.

Comes equipped with the all-new Hasselblad l1d 20 C camera which possesses Hasselblad’s unique Castlewood natural colours solution helping users capture gorgeous 20 megapixel aerial shots in stunning color detail it’s one of the best drone for you you can.

To know more and buy one check the Amazon link on video description I think you liked the video if you have any query write it on comments section please like the video and subscribe our channel for watching more videos Jos you.


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