The West Los Angeles campus is the largest VA campus in the United States Los Angeles County has 5000 homeless veterans they’re aware of so the mission of this campus is to provide services and hopefully shelter to those veterans they’re no longer on the street the typical challenge is for the Veterans Affairs is very similar to other civil agencies.

We have all are facing decorating facilities based on budget cuts or budget requirements that don’t meet the overall requirement they have large backlogs of maintenance that they need to.

Deal with and the funding just doesn’t match those requirements I’m Jeff Perkins president of Concorde federal.
Group we’re a full-service and uni firm located in Washington DC.

SBV OSB is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business this really promotes supporting veterans in helping the Veterans Administration obtain their admission one of the towns is at West LA if we want to get veterans in housing as quickly as possible in order to do that we’ve had to conduct a two-year study of the environmental impacts traditionally the facilities are inspected with either an engineer or facility manager and filling out.

A checklist basically give you a facility condition index 1984 I started this journey I remember when we did field sampling with muddy boots and waders paper checklists when I fast forward today I would imagine that we could accomplish all that a higher day equality and leave a digital twin behind as a resource in assessment management and improvement of both infrastructure and.

Natural Resources Booz Allen is always looking for new innovative things to apply towards infrastructure and a few years ago we realized that if we wanted to differentiate ourselves in the market we need now how to infuse technology into infrastructure at that point we identified the company called precision on and they really built the partnership.

Taught us a lot about not just drones but the sensors the precisionhawk used a variety of sensors on campus at.

West LA RGB or visual camera that was used to assess all the pavements on campus as well as thermal which was used to assess some of the facility building envelopes in lidar which was run over the entire 388 acres campus so there’s semi-autonomous so you can basically set up their navigation points and encircle a facility or a.

Campus and what’s great about that is you can always go back to that a year later and you can run that exact same path and so you’ll.

Get the exact same visuals or the same altitude the same sensor package and all of that is very helpful when you start to do analysis around change detection our base lining the conditional facility traditionally have a subject matter expert or an engineer.

An expert in that area is looking at data and making a decision using a spreadsheet and now or ingesting tons and tons of real-time sensor data.

Or using basically machine intelligence to do the analysis of that work what’s great about this project is the team that came together to use this technology and that and applied at West LA it’s a combination of large and small.

Business coming together with their respective capabilities to integrate and incite innovation and I feel like we’ve become an essential partner to the VA as a result and.

We’re excited of how this project is now going to be used to better support the VA so the innovations at West LA has really been able to speed up the production of our AIS and.
In turn gets veterans in homeless housing quicker you..


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