Are you trying to buy some players but they’re too expensive we’ll look no further checkout by my coins dock I’m using the code wheels for 10% off and get you some coins baby what’s up guys and welcome back to another Madden 18 ultimate team video today well as you can see we got the Lamar Jackson Jersey on which.

Means in the squad for the gameplay we have golden ticket Lamar Jackson this card looks pretty good actually before we hop into this though I gotta show you guys some because I woke up this morning I wasn’t gonna open packs today but it’s a Lamar Jackson so I was like you know.

What I’ll rip a few packs hopped out to bed and opened.

A few clutch packs and boom we pulled a little more Jackson I wish I was recording man because I.

Was so hyped I’m probably like way more hyped about pulling this car than the Michael Vick cart so I’m.

Excited I’m definitely pretty excited so yeah we have golden ticket Lamar Jackson in here times three go deep toughness gunslinger and conductor he’s got 95 speed 95 awareness 99 thermal power 96 short 94 mid 97 deep 93 play-action and 93 throw on the run he looks like an absolute monster man so yeah he’s on full chemistry fully chem doubt.

Also has the Madden Tier one coach card so that’s what he’s.

Got 95 speed so pretty awesome man I’m so hyped about this card the the first Lamar Jackson card that came out the big issue with him was he only.
Had I think he only had like 89 speed and.

You kind of tell not the fastest of cards he felt pretty.

Slow but with 95 speed he should feel pretty fast so we’ll see what happens man we’ll see what happens check out the rest of stats 95 carrying on him right there which is pretty cool 86 elusiveness 90 Spin 95 Juke I think you have Juke on his last card so has been got upgraded a little bit so that’s pretty nice and then you can see the rest of his.

Stats right here so yeah we’re gonna try to run the ball with them we’re gonna try throwing the ball.

With them and hopefully we can score some touchdowns out here if you guys do enjoyed these gameplay videos and a wanna see more definitely give this video a thumbs up or the like button down below 400 likes as always would be awesome if you guys are new around here deaf hit that subscribe button hit that Bell notification next to the subscribe button to get notified every single time upload a brand-new video and.

In the comments down below eliminating guys thoughts on this golden ticket Lamar Jackson and let me know if you want me to pick up.

Next probably pick up that a golden ticket McCaffrey so stay tuned for that man.

The game try to make some plays with this golden ticket Lamar Jackson all right here we go man we’re started off on off.

It I just want to make this play with Lamar Jackson he might bliss me from the outside so we gotta watch out for.

That no he’s not he’s not he’s not dropping these guys back I’ll throw that first play come.

On make that catch make that catch make that catch nice throw nice catch let’s go big place to.

Start things off big boys boys y’all Lamar Jackson just floated that right in there I love it QB draw time baby QB draw time keep you draw keep you draw keep you draw come on stay on your feet oh we could have possibly scored on that.

Okay so we got third in two gotta convert this man got.

To convert this for a first down run around come on outrun him nice dump that off yes first down there you go LT pretty nice.

I hear y’all running the ball just running the.

Ball oh we might score we another first down 13 inches I was gonna run read option but look at this you might get.

Don’t know he kind of got out really quickly there come.

This way alright go that way maybe something something needs to happen here yes Lamar run it yourself let’s go home Lamar Jackson for six baby his feet his feet feels so nice now I like it Lamar Jackson actually got some speed on him now so feels pretty good man feels.

Pretty good fresh in Ted let’s.

Play some D here oh nice nice Luis I think that was a senior out you could run it you might run it yeah he’s running a toss to get.

Out there he’s gonna get it good blocks man good blocks drive it a little bit here I don’t like that man we gotta stop this.

This guy good place good place.

Pick that he caught that what alright first and goal oh he’s gonna score that bad defense man bad defense can’t be taking sax out here man cannot be taking sax out of here here we go second 20 all right toss it up please catch that let’s go Carmichael.

Nice what that’s unbelievable man that is unbelievable how do we get we got strip we actually got stripped that’s unreal did that is actually under oh he’s writing a screen get out there good stop.

Snap it there we go thank you guys let’s go home Lords Taylor what the pic baby give me that ball back all right third and eight third and eight nice nice sea trout there you go first down.

Second down and ten this guy’s not played too bad of a defense man it’s.

Definitely not playing too bad of a defense but see what we got here who might have to throw the drag yeah though the drag nice there we go big place do come out Carmichael nice big plays out here all right second a goal see what we got here see what we got.

Use rushing me come on come on get out there get out there get in there Lamar let’s go another rushing touchdown for golden ticket Lamar Jackson let’s go.

Baby all right first and ten see what he’s running all right Thank You me now again baby let’s go I’m going down actually I know I could have picked 6/10 I want Lamar Jackson back on the field though big plays out here the user-pic I don’t know why you threw that but I’ll take it all day man I.

Will definitely take it all day.

So I want a little more Jackson back up on the field or out on the field I should say throw it over there please stay inbounds nice way to stay in bounds all right second ago I’m gonna run I’m gonna try out to keep me draw again man I’m gonna try it out again get the blocks nice.

Big blocks tall we might score this spin this guy out let’s go Lamar Jackson for six maybe touchdown rushing touchdown number three my man is going for it on fourth and 10 all right it’s the play-action fake all right ah nice catch dude dang all right.


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