You so then most of young and then I showed them another in ugly spirit of fire can see Chicago friendship you ha a drone a definite Oh question elicited era in castrati co yada decimated Altezza en una scatter opera scenario Cooper watch but I can repair it so we have the beta tats we’re gonna drop it out there.
About 50 meters I don’t know this is crazy see.

The expensive gun alright so what we’re doing right now is we got the drone all the way out there and it’s got bait on it behind we’re not about really not drone in right there.

We lost connection the battery or something went.

Bad right there josh is reeling it in behind me but I mean I don’t know if it’s still gonna work we’re gonna test it so even though it wrecked and was underwater this drone is somehow like waterproof and we got a second life in second turn so we’re gonna do it again and we fixed our mechanism up a little bit so we’re sacrificing let’s do this where’s the bait you turn.

The camera oh dude it’s sinking series.



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