Hi guys Oliver here today I’d like to invite you to spend some time with me at the seaside behind me are a few incredibly busy weeks first of all I had the incredible opportunity to set my own photography exhibition up the Dean heritage center of the Forest of Dean well that kept me very busy I was working long.

Of sleep but finally managed to get it up and running so if you’re in the area have a look the other thing are my website needed a relaunch which is now finally done still a few modifications to do but you.

Can’t imagine I desperately needed a break so we decided to come here for a weekend in the motor home to North Devon this is where we are now North Devon why that we have the coasts and I don’t know the sea is something yeah it changes your mood anyway we.

Are here now let me show you around where we are Devon’s beautiful scenery so what I did in the.
Morning and I got up very very early.

In the dark had a little hike here along the area what’s already don’t know if you can see that spend a good amount of time down there I’m actually I’m or way back to the motorhome because I need a breakfast but with that scenery here I thought well I must bid enough time for a final shot it is yeah the Sun is already up but we do have some very harsh shadows the sea is pretty calm and there aren’t really any dramatic clouds in the sky well I think you.

May have the opportunity to get one single own exposure show and I just.

Thought let me show you how I do that cameras already set up in the tripod holder is on yeah let’s go for it okay here we are this is what I have it’s gonna be a little tricky shot because the Sun is already there.

Coming from front and I’m hoping everything lens and filter are properly clean not to produce any unnecessary flares in terms.

See if we can create a little diagonal not too much because we want to get a little bit off the sea yeah that looks pretty alright and get a little sky in I want to use the long exposure to yes move everything out and maybe get that here especially on the left-hand side but little eternal feel on the sea where the horizon will not really be visible okay once we got our composition what I do.

Next is slide a graduated neutral density filter in I’m using a three-stop hot rod in this case yeah something like that and I’m happy the next step really because it’s a lot it’s gonna be a long exposure I want to use a 10.

Stop neutral density filter with a 10 stop filter the.

Be able to focus through well it can happen it can work when there is really really a lot of light like we have here but yeah it does not necessarily need to work so what I do I set my focus point first focus the camera and then take care of my exposure time so here I’m looking for a two minute long exposure and a ten stop filter that means I need to set my exposure time at something around an eighth.

Of a second well actually not something around but pretty.

Much exactly an eighth of a second so here we get that worth yeah f-16 on the full frame of that lens is still acceptable okay I have focused after focusing I’m.


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