So you’re sitting in your room streaming something online the new season the positive cars Alba keynote maybe some South Park live streams that for some reason YouTube seems to just be ignoring at the moment and then this happens so if you’re like me at least you look at the network and realize that a ton of people are using.

Your network and so you decide to pick them I mean you realize you don’t really know how so you google it and then you find this the official Google.

Product forum where the official reply from Google Wi-Fi or well it beats the on how team is yeah you can’t do that just for the record if you’re using like a net gear router or.

A more traditional router usually it’s pretty easy to just go to a link sign in and kick any device from your network and also there are a plenty of the apps that will you know do this for you if you’re on a PC there’s I got a million-and-a-half app but if you’re on Mac.

There’s a few really good ones this is one of the better ones and.

It’s also free it’s called Jam Wi-Fi and you can see we have kind of a list of the devices and we can see authorize them or Jam the network or I don’t actually know a ton about how it works also if you’re wondering this app is also available on iOS but I wouldn’t recommend it because it turns out that not only is this process kind of ridiculous and complicated but it’s also totally not necessary and so while I guess that Google or onhub whoever left the message was.

I guess technically right to say that there isn’t actually a button to just take someone there’s a.
Super super similar feature if it’s gonna do literally.

The exact same thing will actually have to hop over to our phone to do it and will download the Google Wi-Fi now this is the same app you’re gonna use whether you’re using a people Wi-Fi router or a non hub router and the process is identical they both use the same.

App same everything you probably already have it because it’s basically the only way to do.

The initial setup with both the routers um so just open up the app and you’ll notice that you’ll instantly kind of get a view of your network and you can see how many devices are connected also you know just free tip here you don’t actually have to even be.

Connected to your Wi-Fi network to use this app so you can kick people from your Wi-Fi or you know just do any kind of management stuff you’d want to while you’re sitting somewhere completely different using data but if we go ahead and hop over to this third tab.
You’ll notice that we get some more Advanced Options we’ll ignore all.

Of this and just look at the bottom and there’s a feature called family Wi-Fi and.

Gonna be asked to create a new group I guess the idea is that you would create groups that hold like.

All of your kids devices and then you could control their access to the Internet when they’re supposed to be sleeping or doing homework or something but I’m gonna be using it just for something totally different so what I’ve done is I’ve created a group that basically holds all of the high usage devices in the house and every time I’m uploading a video or something or just you know someone’s trying to watch a TV or something and someone’s got an Xbox.


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