It’s red I thought it’s gonna be black let’s see everything that I’ve gotten you walking us through it okay so the drone is really well protected it came in a nice big box which was covered in bubble wraps and motors were also covered in the salaat plastic foam and so are standard in every standard with the drone comes.

This remote is the rever m3 and it is red a usually black but I’ve not heard that you can actually order them in different colors more increase in the.

Price as you can see the tone is what big it is all design for what it needs to do it’s got massive motors it’s got a very simple design but it’s ergonomically friendly it’s really nice to carry you need to handle then I got these big bellies you’ll see that there is too cold too cold to gold ones into silver ones and they both work in opposite directions so two is obviously clockwise and then two is anti-clockwise as you turn it in I wasn’t.

Actually sure what this was but now obviously you know he’s a little these little balls so it’s got like double sided tape did you just put in the.

Bottom it of the trunk so this fits luck for the landing so they really say these things.

Can and pretty much any way it’s quite absorbent but simpler has to be honest it’s quite simple but simple is good then I also got this I think this new improved charger upgraded Georgia just take it in to.

Charge little bit quicker then I’ve got a battery in there which obviously gets plugged in today and then you get a little meter and then the thing is these are full the batteries so firstly I want to say thank you very much to Kudo Papa.

They are not sponsoring me to use the drone but they have helped me out a lot so whatever I say will be brutally honest I want to do full video actually wait if you want.
Me to do a full video on how I use it what its capabilities are how long.

The battery lasts what starts beta crops.

Etc etc please comment below there’s something you want me to taste or something that you want me to include in that video and then I can do that for you so what is my feeling about foreign.

Fishing so personally a competitive angler and I love competitive fishing so my my blood boils for wading through got getting onto a bank throwing over drop off and then getting a but that is what I thought I loved it so much but saying that.

Drone I think and believe that it actually been.

Very good for fishing in general I think the sport has become really expensive and fishing can be really tough as meaning as we all know so I think it’s been quite good in that sense and it’s just more and more people to they dream fish and in that since it’s it’s growing the sports who are ready I really believe there’s actually good sport at the end of the day so you’re basically although I really enjoy competitive fishing this is something new and for someone that can be guiding people.

Next year someone’s painting you X amount of money and it’s usually got a bit of money to officially four day to catch a.

Fish and no as a costing surf costing angler there are just things that the sea does not allow you to get into the right waters.

It does not allow you to get into the strike zone and that is when it really comes in handy that guy is paying money to catch a fish you want to.

Tell him sorry I can’t get into the design today no so that’s why I got the bird to help.

Me on those difficult days no water forms above course big fish day and the tackle that I want to use there is simply not Costabile.

Cannot cost Makara what I do believe however that if you go to be a triangular you need to have experience you need to have the right tackle these too many people not seem to know and ask people that go fish the.

Used roads the fisherman safer in those places and make drop bait with a little Cena on fifties no offense to you guys at sea not fifties but it’s not capable of ending the Sharks atmosphere by just simply is not capable then I saw them lose like six or seven sharks and they get cut off in the news older.

Than I and I think all our pink fish and then I’m sitting there luck bro you’ve just heard luck seven fish there’s seven bronzy swimming was 950 meters and wanna be on him do you think that’s good for fishing no not good for fishing so saying this or anything please if anyone is wanting to invest in a drone you that GoBot like it’s just not good for fishing at all you’re just gonna hurt the fish you’re.

A bad name for yourself 1 and 2 for fishing it’s something wrong what they’ve done I don’t know problem using a drill but respect people that are traumas throw not everyone can a afforded owed.

And b12 use drawings so if you have a drug disrespect the guards that are there look you have a massive advantage so just move a couple hundred meters further away then throw it away from the guards that are throwing and costing because you know honestly you don’t know they don’t have a chance against your drug and if you think that’s because you’re a good fisherman your mistake.

It is not so just be respectful and saying that.

The same thing happens to the other don’t have drones people get irritated because the god of the drones now gets the fish and therefore does something bad to say and we’ve all seen all those facebook comments yeah it’s been a dick some of those facebook jokes has been enough basically without the skilling team I’m sorry just respect.

Each other gasps so if you guys like this you didn’t please give a thumbs up I would.
Really appreciate it thanks for watching..


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