All right get the gun out let’s go come on more spooking going on there perfect got it baby on the ground oh yeah alphabet viewer discretion is advised what’s going on when everybody foods uomo here back on another episode of the hunter call the wild I hope everybody out there is having an awesome day man if you enjoy.

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The day’s episode man I picked out a mission over here in the Hirschfeld.

In Jaeger number 10 harvest the albino fallow.

Deer it’s a fairly small area here I don’t think we’ll have any problem finding him I just hope the wind don’t mess us up it’s been shifting on me just a little bit I need to go east between here and the next cabin and kind of parallel with the main road right there so hopefully we’ll see if we can get this our bond over located with Adam spooking us.

See if we can get a good score on him cuz I hadn’t seen I have yet to see an albino anything in this game so hopefully we’ll get him up.

Go enjoy it my boys we got invited right here 65-yard on him like uh albinos in Iceland too buddy for easy and wrong way of course but uh he’s up in this tree right here more easy real close he’s.

A tentative so want to be careful don’t want to spook him for sure I’ll rattle.

A little bit see Bank even spin around we’ll try of course a heart.

Shot on him we can get him straight on here we looked up on the wind boy that wind was blowing east the whole time it’s finally spun around here.

Wish it worked out just perfect far so yeah right here and.

See if I can get a good view of him here a fairly good beauty still I wanted to better one of the better outlined and asked let me see if I can no no boat no boat if I can read him up here good lord we’re my rattler at there it is.

Head around now any god I got a fairly decent shot on him right here or the 8-yard as a hard heart shot to hit right in there where I’m on shooting man I’ll try to do it anyway let’s just see if I can just call him one more time see if you’ll spin around for me I’d rather have a straight on shot if I can get.

It I don’t know if he’ll respond or not he just stand there like you don’t want to move much time when you start rattling like it they they spin right around but oh here he comes out let’s get ready boy.

I’ll shoot him it’s 2:43 hopefully he’ll knock him out that pretty.

Good so let’s see what happens here as soon as he comes in that clear now we’ll try to take a shot on alright get the gun out let’s go come on going on perfect got him baby on the ground oh.

Yeah off the bat Linda quite exactly like I had phlegm hey I’ll take it that was pretty close shot to little bit nervous for that.


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