I want to be honest with you stone elemental I’m not gonna lie you are really creepy looking hey guys it’s Pat and welcome back to another minecraft video in today it’s gonna be a mod showcase on the magical stones mod and what this mod does is it adds in weapons armor and tools to give you special abilities and.

To make it more exciting I have created another obstacle course I thought it’d be fun to go through it and show you guys exactly how everything works so if you enjoy it be sure to.

Leave a like on the video if you get it 4000 I will keep them coming even the sheep is like super excited right now he’s gonna be so dizzy after but yeah guys to show you real quick.

This is the or in the mod there’s earth fire air in water it’s like the elements like every.

Sheep is so happy right now anyways guys so the first thing we need to make is the elemental sword it shoots down lightning has knocked.

Back three sharpness five in fire aspect one that is a lot of stuff so it’s.

Really powerful it’s a make it it’s expensive too it’s it’s really expensive it’s.
A stick to diamonds in every.

Single kind of board so union earth stone a water stone an air stone and a fire stone and you get those by putting the ore in a furnace so we’re gonna grab it yeah I’m a little nervous for the sheep because the first thing we need to do is create Pigpen and kill the goal of it to.
Create big bed we need to shoot lightning so I hope I.

Don’t kill you we’ll try not to let’s go for it alright I’m sorry I’m afraid to shoot the lightning there oh no oh are you okay oh he’s not okay well we got some brown wool I was really nervous to do I was trying not to hit him but it was lightning what do you expect let’s go down Pigman I’m just alright you’re leaving leaving fine I see how it is don’t want to be part of the course alright so now guys we’re gonna kill the gold he.

Took some serious damage from the lightning but the weapon is actually really strong do you want a hug hug fine you want a hug you.

Get a hug oh god that scared me his friend like jumped off the side at your next column so you can see guys it’s really.

Strong it lights a bonfire it shoots lightning it’s a very good weapon and definitely worth making all right so we’ll travel through here and now we must create a garden usually I don’t show stuff like this because normally there isn’t anything for gardening but this time there is the.

Earth home it holds a 3×3 area of land so we’re gonna grab that if recipe guys you are going to need to earth stones gotta just like a normal.

Hoe and some sticks so we’re actually gonna make a garden we’re gonna do it I see.

Another another one you guys you love this so much don’t you maybe you should leave I’m afraid something will go wrong.
All right never mind I’m sorry sorry I.

All right so we right-click guys it’s gonna be 3×3 land as you can see that’s in the way a bit if I do it right over here I’ll be perfect there we go so really cool and what I’m gonna do is put down some.

Seeds and we’ll grow a few will grow a couple just really quick grow some bread what’s wrong with more food that should be enough for us.


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