All right good morning ladies and gentlemen we got a pretty good day in our hands right now it’s going to be sunny very cold and quite a bit of wind so I am very excited the rut should be starting and by starting I mean it’s a bell curve so if you can imagine a bell curve like this whoo.

That’s the rut and that’s that’s the doe part of the rut that’s not the important part.

So you see a graph like this that’s the DOS.

Insert whatever day is here which is hard to know and hard to guess and then for the best times to hunt you got to put another.

Curve on it it goes like this and like this because these two portions on the edge is when you’re gonna see deer running around check-in trails fields in the midday trying to find.
Doe that’s these two times in between the peak of that bell curve are going.

To be the most important it’s what you think of when you think excuse me so you think of when you think of the rut and I know we’re only a down over in this corner right now we’re not even anywhere near everything but when you get a cold front it’s all kind of shifts for the day I think there’s a generalization that this bell curve exists but if you.

Zoom way in on it it’s like a stocks chart it’s like oh this is the one day you might see 10 mature bucks just chasing dose the next day if the weather isn’t the same.

Right they’re just gonna be bedded until you get to a certain point then no matter what it’s gonna happen possible yeah you tell them so right now.

We’re like in this in-between area but we got a weather front it’s cold it’s windy.

It’s sunny so tonight’s the night midday is gonna be the time I’m gonna get a midday box you didn’t.

Get an evening book that’s how it’s gonna work today anyway let’s.

Uh finish packing up we got a long.

Drive ahead of us and I still have clothes out um you can’t see this blown out but I say our clothes out there and still gonna be breakfast so I will see you guys.

In a minute that nailed the hair couples that hunt together stay together and get through the hair side know we were the Marine Corps we had to do her hair every Sunday and was like a billion bobby pins it was a nightmare and on the yes I see that it’s it is freaking snowing right now there’s a.
Good sign for a midday movement sit.

All right we’ll pull that seat cards anyway we’re gonna go pull two cards put a card in a.

Camera that hasn’t had a card all week and then sit for an hour hours just long enough for me to shoot a deer and then we’ll get it all cleaned up take care of go out sit on.

Jordans and cheeks you heard here and we’ll be all set let’s uh hop to it that’s gonna do it for a midday sit set for over an hour didn’t really see nothing.

Many many animals are out about squirrels are getting or sure that wind is strong or sure it is cold shaping.

Up for a good evening so see it see it a bit I just wanted to.

You some questions before you kill a deer tonight two years four years fifth year and you’re going to kill a book before I do I hope so I really do you shot deer my rifle well yeah you still killed a deer true.

I haven’t other than hitting one with a car all right well let’s go sit in the freezing cold 15 mile hour winds it’s cold today for three hours we should open more hand warmers yeah I thought about it I did bring the ones we opened and those are.

Still pretty warm okay so we’ve been set up for about 20 minutes got some Turkey’s moving in on us right now.

Kick it up leaves and being annoying but the wind is this gift to be better it was blowing straight West now it’s going a little north like I wanted to it’s slowing down but the temperatures are really good so fingers crossed we got this turkeys bears that is hopefully a deer get up first man if there was water branch in the way I can I will shoot up and it’s not just dark kisses gopro makes it seem but we got deer all around us we have.

To get down though I got to get out with some light because they were bear and coyote and I don’t want to run do all my but man we needed five more minutes late tonight to get it done.

You’re still a cool night see.

You guys in the truck alright hey how you guys doing today it’s I really really really wanted to hunt this morning and yesterday I turned my phone to like silent on everything like manually didn’t turn my alarm volume back up this morning so here we are not able to hunt this morning and also not able to like to sit at all.

Today we got free tickets to soccer games we’re definitely gonna go enjoy ourselves it is still the October lull I mean you might be seeing deer starting.

And check but I could be weather-related the majority the time that I live for isn’t probably for another week I’d say the 24th you’re gonna it’s the start.

It’s the beginning you can officially say the October lull is over on the 24th when that full moon hits I don’t know how that you guys could tell from last night but uh that’s a crazy hunt that was I was fun it was really disappointing because I’m we’re 90% sure Maryland’s buck was on his way to us and Ethan got spooked by turkeys or something the turkeys that were there because he ran.

Across the green field into the other ravine i grunted out at me stop for a second I thought for sure he’s gonna come check it out.

He didn’t he kept going i rattled once he got in the other.

Hail Mary maybe he’ll come check it out now he never came back out but it was a it was a crazy hunting we had bear which I thought was a deer it’s like tap mail.

And I was like I got a deer over here stand up turn around to get ready for the camera movement and everything.

And one of them was staring at me you just see the big black head of the stupid ears I was like how god that’s not a deer it’s not a deer at all then we had a coyote run through the field and I was like oh great well there’s no you’re gonna be come from that.

Direction then we had turkeys move in on us all night and we.

Had another coyote run through the field I didn’t I didn’t have an opportunity to grab my bow I was gonna shoot that first coyote and he stopped and sat down he was waiting at like 40 yards 45 yards but there was there’s two he branches the way there’s no way to get a shot.

Unfortunately and then right at the end of the night and how much you could tell but we had some.


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