Of course Leon Leon Chris who the fuck’s Leon you need squall Leon it’s not Leon it’s fucking small its to Kingdom Hearts came out fuck Dissidia have been caused by the tiny a mutagenic toxin created by the internet like it was oh my god that fucking water bitch on them on the top of the rooftops do the fucking.

Double like rock Tyrannosaurus rexes were awful double beerus guys like to party bite me one month after he came out after trying to beat him for one month and then I got.

With some randos do anybody shit Artie man know what invited me to an extreme Mahima – me.

– run support Iran support and they didn’t peace you know where does it cross playback traction there now that there’s oh my god I can’t move first day on the job it was so satisfying and now there’s only one nice to my Fortuna no they didn’t.
Use now could you better take away my brain would come up.

With what would you do right.

I literally could not fall asleep until I actually came up with a plan that I was satisfied and it’s like pretty much thank you guys my family and stuff like that like go like go outside of founders it just.

Starts becoming like an open field area and there’s houses very far apart that go.

There you stay there most likely some houses.

Will be abandoned you can take those live in those basically take yourself out of the game of surviving the initial outbreak which would be the most dangerous because you can’t control all the aspects of that and then once that’s done it basically be like being smart and surviving as long as you can keep yourself out of that scenario if a nuclear attack my god are.

You running it oh my god I don’t know oh there we go Jesus Christ oh my god this.

Fucked up dude I like I just learned how to run Phoebe lightning it would also by Tommy’s book you oh dude you pretty much.

Have to stay there you go Mike you do not leave there is no going on in this shooter most uninteresting character no yeah I.

Literally just gonna do this I actually don’t like lightning metal I think she is.

The most like even noctus – Ali hi Cara can I is there anything in here is it just like on the ground and I can see it should stick out I like doctors too but I like his buddies.

More than I like the main protagonist like fromto Gladius and the audience what do you think I like him I actually enjoy everybody that is not a protagonist in 15 I mean they’re busy with him fucking heard that cat and I just slowly turned.

Around cuz I forgot that you had that’s all I heard you know a game we need to play legend a man actually I knew a guy who lives around this area but around near how place he played EverQuest and made fun but he seemed like his and I’m.

Know I know surely it came from his single do you think is other testicle wet these are like the I wish I could wear boots that would be wonderful one shot away much better than my first job oh wait briefcase well were you past the fucking Airport I can’t because there’s no memory card the basketball court after the gunshot yeah whose house are you you.

Mistake one of the bank don’t put your tongue in the plan as long as I know it’s fucking clean my wasn’t your folk first heard it here first folks oh my a pressure washer to the butthole no no I’m saying she like is fresh out of the shower Noah the guy you and me and handsome but it’s all about how I keep thinking every time I hear that no shit I’ve been coming here for god.

Knows how long and I still think that’s the fucking projector or the computer making yeah are they dead say what and save I buy back to the drawing this is oh my god.

Thanks camera team have you seen the fucking creator they like that day have you seen my old picture that features I’ve seen the caption whatever it’s like he started off with a SS rating do you have to do anything still fucked up Hideo Kojima still making video that’s true that’s true I just I haven’t heard anything.

About that stranding since its initial they just keep being vague about it meirin saw the new trailer with so you’re done watching train watching I only shoot what I think well you’re obviously not shoot enough as you are you use the computer yes or no.

You’re on a full Ironman run and I.

Your recent who are you you must be the new guy Leon sorry but it looks like your party.

Has been cancelled what happened about two months ago there was this incident involving zombies in a mansion located in the outskirts of this city Chris and the other stars members discovered that umbrella was behind everything they risk their lives to reveal the truth but.

No one believed them not long after that hang in there don’t worry about me like Miss IceCube Ivers in the other room if you play it it’s a great experience take this key cart you should be able to unlock the doors in the hall with.

This for me no but or we didn’t even just go fine back for you hold on I like to ground Spiros I like wasn’t it just a part of life also our always pretty yeah I fucking still remember that demo it was not a demo ground zeroes customized the case talking shit when you lift the desk on.

The behind one oh yes said I window I saw Donner at the movie okay he always has to fucking apologize I do doesn’t come and it’s just kind of like why.

Doesn’t he come I don’t think he wants to come yeah but he said I remember the RPG game that you that you made No and we played through it not mentioning any names but it was I just remembered.

That cuz he said RPG game past the RPG onto me we can add so much more stuff there’s I mean I’m like you can’t fight him okay so let me just do my tank things yeah you run back to the center yeah I told you let’s just call the separate parts of Europe what time these guys oh I was just gonna explain my anime anime idea but that would be long what Jessie please I looked at like anime maker or whatever and it be it’s it’s.
It’s a lot of work and it’s like you can exactly what you’d imagine.

You have to create muscles you have to you have to know.

What you’re doing it’s like an actual no always try to avoid him my anime idea was I have liked.

This idea for everybody you see I’m trying to think it what jesse was well ian is the rocker it’s pretty much all of our FMF of characters yeah well you’re like your taker so you’re like the supermarket but your superpower at the end.


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