Hey Brendo steve here and larson hey guys doing welcome to we book WWE super show down wow what a fantastic card we have over you guys today this is so much fun and we’re in weird 60 frames how do you feel about the 60 frames Larson but cannot get used to it Mike it’s too far away no one.

Can hear me that’s much better there you go right there I’m very loud so.

I am not unless I’m screaming at the gaming system for making me lose remember my fault when I lose I hope you guys doing great we got a fantastic.

Card free today of course in our main event we’ve got for the undisputed WWE World Championship the chill Roman Roman.

Reigns champion which by the way lumbermen’s it’s children it’s children well when it comes out it says Roman reigns that’s got.

The way his new shirt the chill Roman shirt is available right now at Pro Wrestling T’s dot-com slash going in raw yea those of you watching live don’t buy.

It right now no wait till the first thing tomorrow is the first thing tomorrow when is when tomorrow’s it go on sale tomorrow.

Sometime at some point tomorrow goes on VOD that of this goes up that would be Saturday so the scylla already be happening well that’s why I specifically directed to the people watching.

Live at it’s 20 V Ford / Steven Larson there’s a 20% sale and I think you get like a free picture autograph thing but we’re also gonna be sending out postcards there Shinsegae not good challenge the king of strong style what is this first match Larsen Shunsuke Nakamura vs.

New Japan Neville for the network title hmm that’s right oh man.

He broke out Neville of course Neville this is New Japan Neville he’s actually gone from wve he signed a contract oh man he signed a contract with New.

Bound to the wve because of this network title yeah so maybe I mean maybe he wants to lose this damson I don’t know he keeps on saying he was all over social media this week saying that he’s he hates being in WWE doesn’t like being contractually obligated to hold that.

Network title who has a Rena sub dark eye in the digit wait did you set it for the daytime at least I said it for evening so I think somebody I think whoever made this arena it’s just like one spotlight there’s yeah they just decided to have a spotlight look at that chin so since game winds that said the end of it no match actually starts now that’s the end of the break oh yeah oh oh oh in the balls look at that never Oh I mean death draw inverted DDT inverted.

Scorpion death drop there we go absolutely that I mean wow what a sign of disrespect for Neville to be wearing that new Japan logo on his trunks he’s like the Jimmy Butler of WWE man shows up to practice.

Just in a real bad way yelling and everybody oh my gosh yeah very dramatic lighting here oh oh oh I thought I got sorry yeah nothing again it’s possible that he just wants out of this damn you could title scene doing the job right now so we can go to.

New Japan that title may directly from Australia that title match was rather never what we do it was his last contracted.

Match oh my god oh look at that goes for the pin maybe no one’s gonna try it he doesn’t even try to lift up to the rope there he’s.


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