Hey it’s Central Valley State University I guess for the second smell casing the brown and brown really fridge got it right brown brown real estate their own music alright Mel we got a couple of open houses coming up we’re gonna talk about this Saturday right yes sir we do all right I’m gonna stop you before we get that.
Tell me about brown and brown real estate so branagh Brown real.

Estate is a local brokerage here in Fresno I’ve been an agent with them for a couple of years now and my broker was actually my real estate agent I was also do real.

Estate investment and she was my agent for three or four years helped us find our very first property that we that we invested in and resold so she served you well enough you liked her well yes she did and I’m an agent for her and you know what I debated as to whether I would ever be an agent but then one day I decided you know what I’m just going to do this.

And I didn’t even question who was gonna be my broker that’s that’s.

The direction I went all right you like being with them I very pleased yes so we know we got a couple listings that are gonna be up for open house this Saturday which is the what’s that October 27th October 27th all right yes so which one’s.
Gonna be the first one so the first one.

Is out in Riverdale it’s an entry level home okay it is located at 38 40.

Are we looking at the pictures oh we got the pictures up there Mike that’s right there.

It is okay it’s three eight four zero staff from Avenue uh-huh this is a smaller home but it’s about 1,300 square feet but the the real bonus to this property is its 14,000 square foot lot that’s pretty.

Good and you also have an easement on the side street as well so you have you could easily you know you have a lot a lot of.

Space in the backyard and you have access to the backyard cool from that from a side.

Side street and it is to bet it is two-bedroom yeah just under 1,300 square feet two-bedroom one-bath and has a attached laundry room cool and we’re gonna have an open house there Saturday morning at what.

11 o’clock eleven to one eleven to one yes sir and it’s got a great lot it’s out River daily census in Riverdale okay so in the afternoon no no where we gonna be we’re gonna be in Lemoore from three to five you’re moving around I’m gonna move around on Saturday yes it’s gonna be a busy day great so in Lemoore I have a very large property this is three acres a large main house and a detached guest home it is.

Yes it’s now at 499 so just under that five.

Hundred thousand dollar mark oh and okay so we got a a main house plus the guest house yes sir the main the main house has four bedrooms two bathrooms and the guest home is two-bedroom one-bath nice and they could exactly and it is currently.

Rented but that tenant will go if whichever whichever a buyer would prefer all right then so tell me about the open house here.

What what times this is 3 o’clock uh-huh and I’ll be there till 5:00 that day another great thing about this property that I always.

Like to share is that it has two shops one of these shops is actually a very large barn oh um.

So if you’re looking for a property you could have a party barn you.


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