Here we go then man I get the feeling like we’re not gonna do any main quests progression today god damn it okay actually I wonder if there can be yeah there can be multiple of these polemarch dudes can’t there so it might not take multiple multiple camps but then again I’m not actually spotting any of them so probably.
Not it’s not everyone and in the tents down here no okay and one of the.

Objectives free to captives kill the captain lien treasure sounds.

Good dudu don’t mind me wait what how did this dude see me as everyone else see me am.

I good I think I’m good okay I loot the chest from here thank you oh my god maybe I should just go for the brawl never was much of an assassin anyway no mind that worked out wait.

Went that hole we went over their house I had the other guy go Tower no it didn’t work again this is my biggest pet peeve with the game right now is.

That you can fucking use the thing without actually hitting anyone oh come on I blocked that you fucking prick oh my god this game combo to death give me that heal okay you’re done come on come on my god this is so long because he’s two levels higher come on regular attack regular attack there we go kill ten Spartan something I didn’t see what that said okay.

Give me oh man also apparently.

That captain wasn’t even what I was looking for because he didn’t drop the fucking thing I need so that is incredibly frustrating oh good I used the thing again without it working come on who’s gonna be fast you mistake ow.

Okay you two you two can go who’s left then wait people outside the camp was this part of the camp.

Part of it yeah what surely not sure that’s not part of it I’m so confused the walls end there how can this be.

Part of it oh no that was it okay nice.

Nicely done okay good I’m really really glad and ecstatic that that did not count I don’t know guys oh man we were right here so I may as well take out this point but holy shit I please just get an actual fucking quest that would be real swell I’ll come on how did that one not work I literally had the yellow thingy Madhu hickey on him the thing that shows if you’re in range literally on his face you get poison and you who can’t.

Poison everybody gets poisoned ow okay that was new a little bit of supplies don’t mind if I do okay unlock there’s no one in here what’s the point in these okay I’m starting to feel pretty burnt out right now because I’ve had it’s been it’s been an hour and a half and I still have yet to get a new actual quest and that is really starting to grate on me so let’s try and head straight for the main quest I guess and just do.

It underleveled much though I.

Don’t want to do that it is.

Far too long at this point far too long with absolutely fucking nothing happening okay where we actually headed all right okay faster thank you fool hopefully it won’t be too difficult underleveled I can’t believe how fucking long it’s taking to level up to level 15 and it goes up to level 50 this.

Is really really grinding my gears it’s making me want to buy the booster but I don’t want to buy the booster because that’s giving in that’s what they want you to do right now where is it that way imagine not breaking your legs from that mad don’t run away from me.

Okay right I can’t believe that didn’t count as a fucking Spartan pork thing oh good you have to kill the horse now and I know I refuse I can’t die from.

This I know if I do another one immediately after if I can die we’ll wait for.

It to recharge hey hello people okay can I finally just run to the fucking quest please please it’s really starting to get to me why is the fucking quest Malka like slightly out.

Go when you’re ready meet me at the PX in Athens no way are you joking are you joking holy shit and made me go all the way down there just to say meet me back where you started I’m gonna scream come on what is that noise like it always happens every loading screen but it never it doesn’t signify like that it’s loaded or anything so what’s the point of it okay come on again there we are getting there man the.

Start of today’s recording session I was so happy to be able to get to play again and so sure that I didn’t want to buy the booster and now I just feel much more jaded by the fact that I.

Haven’t been able to actually do anything in this whole evening has felt incredibly wasted and that’s not good when.

You only get a few hours of nine less than a few a couple a night followed by an entire day of work does not feel good to feel like you’ve just wasted your evening just because the Spartans are near worlds does not.

That voice acting sounds super weird we must not become divided good you came things are worse than I feared.

Cleon has turned the mob we have to hurry well to Pericles hello stay back she is no threat to Pericles I assure you Herodotus it’s fine let them through.

It’s good to see you again very keys and you as well I only wish it were under better circumstances and who’s this Cassandra welcome what did you think of your first taste of Athens how do you know it’s my first taste I think you and Cleon both met good points good points aren’t at.

All what the crowd seemed to care about they’re afraid Cleon indulge their fear very close we’ve come to we must choose wisely and.

Speak our words more privately fine we’ve come to you on urgent business as does everybody I may have told.

Cassandra you’d invite her torn off symposium she would ask me to exclude every Athenian and invite an outsider instead you heard the crowd they don’t need another reason to hate me if she’s working for you maybe the prying eyes will see her as a servant I’m no one servant Cassandra this is Athens if you want something sometimes you have to play.

The role and what exactly is it that you want I’m looking for mummy dearest in order to said that symposium could be useful for gaining information he would be correct I can get you in.

Although I can’t promise the information you seek will be found just tell me what to do first check on my colleague Medea horse he was meant to meet me today and it’s not like him.

To miss an appointment done my friend Phidias needs to be taken out of athens as soon as possible anything else yes there is.

An ostracism votes taking place that could use your influence Netanyahu SHhhh you said he was your colleague a politician and Ally is one of my most loyal friends phidias is.

A famous sculptor what did he do exactly he stands accused of multiple offenses and is awaiting trial you’ll find him under close guard with his workshop ostracism exile is a term you may be more familiar with here in Athens we vote between two people to decide who should live it’s between the Sophists anaxagoras and another man on trial for impiety my contact nearly Aurora will give you the details okay I’ll expect you to use discretion of course it isn’t exactly an invitation but.

The promise of one is just as cool although I’m sure he still asked us pasilla if it’s okay so long as it comes nation leaders first world place war contracts on message boards yeah sure oh good level 15 finally I’m.

So glad that quest was rated.

Level 15 wait I didn’t steal that third damage health and something up why on earth was that quest rated 15 when it did literally nothing right got these three this one’s 17 but we can do these two first inventory and a new.

Ability point but I’m saving it for these so no thank you hang on a sidequest oh my god so you weren’t doing much associating that’s just politics very case is a.

Good man I find mine just not the right that’s not what I heard from whose lips is she was elected Athens is the seat of democracy oh it’s just that their own man is sitting in that seat did you actually need something or did you just want to educate me on the finer points of democracy.

Mary clee’s is holding parties for the rich and powerful why were under seat.

People to reclaim control you could help me what’s it worth to you don’t come cheap I understand the ways of Commerce and the.

Needs of the people I will pay you handsomely for your services couldn’t give a fuck about money mate I just want XP the.

Spartans howl outside our city walls create some of their honks make them suffer as we do think about it will you take my commission and so the Spartans we are not defeated yet no good kill their commander nabis destroy their.

Supplies and return to me with proof of your exploits show them that we have teeth – I’ll get it done trust me this is a huge opportunity for you kill the commander and bring back proof simple okay and it’ll give him the work she wants I really did.

It wait where did he go wait so it I thought no my click track.

On that that’s just all around I guess okay well that’s not as close as this one so we’ll do this so that’s right next to us okay whatever it’s two levels ayah but we’ll do it right now because we are ballers we ain’t afraid of afraid of no snakes how do I.

Get in hello where’s the fucking entrance oh that does eyghon okay is that it is that actually it I was level 17 I don’t think they’d eat you but they would have certainly killed.

Me so thank you you owe me my life-saving services aren’t free of course took me a while say of course tied up and surrounded by snakes this is king this fox.

Broke into my home tracked me here tied me up and surrounded me with these hideous creatures they must be stopped the snakes the fogs why would anyone do this politicians are easy targets in these.

Troubled times when they tied me up they said I was a snake that I should die by my own kind and then they didn’t stick around to.

Make sure it happens please asked me to go down to the fishing district and talk with the poor and sick to give them hope that’s how I recognized their voices oh.

Food and yelled insults at me these folks disguise their faces but their voices and the stench of fish were unmistakable why should I look I couldn’t see their faces but I recognized their voices from one of the districts I visited they’re regulars at cleon’s rallies they live in the flooded part of the city near the wall.

Okay I’ll track them down with you hoes don’t worry tensions are high right now but this rate will tear each other apart within the city before the Spartans can breach the walls.

They are not far away oh that’s why I couldn’t fucking see the door because you had to drop into the roofs go through.

That door I see attackers I’ve got a surprise for you yeah the city like the ones that.

Were meant to kill materials get your investigation own come on climb up there we go Jesus it looks like the thugs were dr. metier hosts weren’t the masterminds behind.

This blood now it’s time to strike Pericles is corrupt friend Matthias has been oppressing the poor.

For too long take these snakes you know what you have.

To do he’ll be just the first remember the words of Cleon let them inspire us all to greatness interesting how how’d you get that feeling what on earth makes you think that was an accident proves they’re just tools in someone else’s plan whose what the fuck are you doing sniffing around my house.

You attacked my tea hose I found the snakes the letter from your friend and the body all here Baracus we all knew the risks change don’t happen without a bit of blood being spilled why kill.

Will prisoners in our own city because of Pericles and his crooked friends the snake dealer told us it’s time to send a message time they suffered the snake dealer you can’t take the law into your own hands now I need to decide what to do with you.

Cleon says it’s time we took.

The city back from the elite time to fight don’t matter what you do to us there will be others who follow our lead I know someone gave you those snakes they used you to do their dirty work I want to know who he’s a real hero of Athens no puppet of Pericles is going to stop him tell me or.

Else tell me what I want to know or I’ll cut you down right now your cause will be forgotten and so will you alright alright he’s got a camp just outside the walls cells snakes.

From there time to die and I it’s not too late to make a difference but we have to work together maybe you’re right you didn’t have to saw us mercy but where do we start start here this district is your home ignore the politicians and concentrate on where you can make change.

Thank you we will try that’s cool it doesn’t of this makes a leader I like that it like it noticed it it seemed to respect the decision to not kill them didn’t mean to climb up here not gonna lie guess we’re committed now.


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