Hello everybody and welcome to the diploma in photography a very quick sound check before we go any further just to make sure that everybody can hear me they’re loud and clear so please just type in yes or type in why into your chat box if you can all hear me they’re loud and clear okay so just waiting for.

Something yes is there we go Becky Nicole looky great name looky there Adrian fantastic lots and lots of yeses Pedro a Katy fantastic loads yeses.
Loads and loads of students here with us this evening.

Welcome to all of you and welcome to your first lesson in diploma in photography okay so I just wanted to welcome everybody and thank you for choosing to study here with us which Shaw Academy I hope everybody’s looking forward to getting started on this exciting course are we all excited about learning about photography coming in there brilliant well you know I my name is William Eames so we’re gonna have to just get you a little bit of housekeeping just before.

This evenings lesson okay so you are here with myself William Eames and we’ve got the team here on.

Support to help you out as well with lots of students attending today’s webinar and we prior we promise to prioritize questions from our Premium Plus members we do have a support team here as well that will endeavor to answer all of your questions as quickly as possible hi Ron I can see you’re asking how you talked with the teacher you’re typing into the correct place so you just type into your chat chat box there and I’ll be able to see all your questions coming in now any questions.

That I don’t get a chance to answer our team here will be able to grab those for you as well now on screen you can see the different membership options are variable for you the majority of you here are on Premium Plus members and all those of you you.

Know have done courses here it was previously in the past but for those of you on a 30 day trial it’s just important.
To note that your 30-day trial now starts from today and all.

Lessons are included okay we also if you want to kids and diplomas they will cost thirty nine ninety five each our alternatively you can upgrade to a premium plus membership and then they are included.
That is by far our popular choice now so those of you who are on.

Your 30-day trial I hope you’re all excited to sample one of Shaw Academy’s great courses now I can see a couple of people asking and you know well I can see Caroline is saying thanks so much but why do we offer trials okay well you might have you saw the full price of our course on Shaw Academy website well great.

Question Caroline and I’m sure most of you are wondering the same thing well as most of our students generally want to.

Take our advanced courses we’d like to give you the opportunity to sample what we have to offer before you decide to join us as a Premium Plus member that way you know exactly what to expect with Shaw Academy rather than joining without experiencing I rather than join me without experiencing the quality of our courses our students claim that our courses have changed their lives we want to give everybody’s amazing opportunity to see the power of education when it.


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