I was gone everyone today I’m just gonna bring you a unboxing video pretty exciting I just got in the mail my brand spanking new hunting number one oh that is light oh my gosh really impressed with this well hunting beasts logo on there holy cow no okay right to go into this really look alright here’s in the come.

Took off one of the little straps here these are just a standard strap somebody there I got the wrong amount cuz they’re so light I mean it’s hard to describe but I really like the width.

This step here see it’s kind of angled up I think it’s like 12 degrees or something like that it’s a super wide step.

And then these teeth are very sharp and of course they have nice logo which I must say it’s a really nice touch yeah they’ve got these kind of holes for weight purposes but also kind of blends in really excited so.

I’m gonna pop these onto my um stay in here and just see how they fit with a.

Stick talents and feel the weight difference stay tuned okay I just wanted to show a size difference I’ve got the stick here okay from the base of stick.

Hunting beasts is about 24 inches or two feet and Lola the first step gets you to about looks like 17 inches and the last.

Step is at 34 and a half so you’re certainly losing a little bit of height in terms.
Of stick to stick but the weight difference is just phenomenal you.

Strap is two pounds and this is probably almost twice as heavy and they’ve been worn down but they’re still pretty small and pretty narrow this just have a.
Super sharp bite and also very wide coverage you know this.

This is gonna get you on a pretty wide tree or you can get in a really narrow tree and these just don’t do that I’ve got it all set up here with the stick talons really like this system a couple reasons one super-short the step is still within my head and something I.

Really like is that I could pick up this put it on the ground the sticks are not touching the bottom or touching the table here or the ground so.

To go you know leave the car or leave the base of the tree I’ve got clearance which can be really helpful especially if I’ve.

Got a bunch of camera gear on there and I also put in an order for a stealth strip so I’ll I’ll put that in the video too you should see that shortly but wanted to get one before.

Just so you can see what they look like with the holes I think they’re really.

Cool alright see you in the next video if you haven’t subscribed like to all the fun stuff and.


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