Hi everyone this is Michael I’m here to give you a crate review on our new PD for cemani which is a rocket design mobile computer from a mobile this is a professional gray Android device that features intuitive smartphone experiences that we are familiar with which makes it really easy and fun to use right away PD for cemani it’s.

A portable mobile computer with a five-point multi-touch screen and with a dimension of only 160 millimeter by 76 millimeter and only 22 millimeters.

In depth it is very comfortable to hold in your hands MPD for simile can easily finish in pockets and.

It only weighs 243 grams it has a large 5 inch display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 the screen has very high Primus which allows you to see easily indoors or outdoors the screen is multi-touch which means you can zoom in and out under different conditions.

While we are talking about exterior features I also like to point out that a PD Force emily has a very good build quality it can handle.

At one point by meter draw onto the concrete it can also be fully submerged into water thanks to its ip67 co and operating temperature from minus 20 degrees celsius.

To 55 degrees celsius the PD force Emily has to a camera of rear-facing 13 megapixel camera with autofocus and the front facing five megapixel camera while we don’t recommend using as a selfie camera but the front-facing camera can support face recognition the barcode scanner located at the top of.

The device which is an industrial gray SC 47 10 image scanner for 1d and 2d barcode scan this is equipped with a flashlight when you.

Are using the barcode scanner you can see where you are scanning we consider user-friendly design that there are two quick scanning buttons on each side of the device it has the ability to make phone calls as well as video cause you can control the volume by pressing the volume rocker on the right-hand side of the device PD force Emily supports bluetooth wireless headsets as well the internal of the device.5 gigahertz processor it has wireless networking of äô 2011 ABG and a c and r that means he supports Wi-Fi roaming as well he has business class to her ability the talking tonight up to eight hours and suppose fingerprint recognition where the barcode scanner it helps real-time goods distribution and inventory management the barcode scanner easy to capture the product information and providing with more flexibility and real time saving customer easily finds the delivery status and goods location for better.

Express tracking it is May with antimicrobial materials to protect patients from being infected also a Wi-Fi roaming support very convenient for healthcare.


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