Now one of the most common questions anytime you go to learn anything new is what are the prerequisites what do I need to know before I get started some people might be a little nervous they don’t want to get in over their head and that’s okay in this course I’ll tell you like I told you at the start.

Fundamentals course and part of the fundamentals course is fun right fundamentals okay but the point being is this is an introductory course and we want this to be fun we.
Want it to be easy and so the prerequisites for this course in case.

You’re concerned are none right there are no prerequisites you just need to be interested in cloud computing now if you have some knowledge about computers and networks and storage awesome that is great this course is going to be really really easy for you if you have no knowledge about that stuff that’s okay this course is introductory enough that you’re going to learn a lot and you’re still gonna have fun and after this course I.

Hope that you go and get some more of that knowledge learn about the basics of computers and networks and storage and Pluralsight comm offers courses on all of those topics.

Always look out for the beginner courses.

Can filter courses by the difficulty of the course so find a beginner course around computers networking and storage after learning.

About cloud computing and you’re on a great technology education path.



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