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I thought I was up with the admin legit you sending this up this file to file this file must be something so this one must have been something download the file and go to your file manager our manager locator was a food I’m sure.

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Unison make sure the file is in dot eh hi if I should be in dot ish and save and go back to the HTTP injector up click.

On it and put Phi a condition actually imported the configuration file then once you have in Saudi imported if I of your data so that works study connected you can see that is connected then browse to Monaco seen in general thanks for watching this mixer is subscribe subscribe to his channel click on the ballet continent equation for.

Nia’s video and negative showing out Canady is up with your laptop come resist on your laptop to subscribe to this channel click on the bell icon to get in the way to the notification of the knell video now to connect it to your laptop thanks for watchin Chivers of Z from the video mr.


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