Hey guys welcome back to jibber jabber views and yet another episode because I just released a video for a free for 3 promo so hopefully you guys had a chance to grab that one and now I want to let you know about a couple other faces that you can pick up on the App Store again completely free however.

These do have an expiry date on them and this promo is going to end.

On Saturday November the 3rd so you will have to her if.

You want these ones ok let’s go check out these now free Halloween themed to watch faces ok guys if you’ve not picked up these ones yet then your timing is impeccable as both are spooky and very creepy looking which makes them perfect to wear for today now both of these faces are from mr.

And this first one is an animated watch face that features some cool effects built in and I’m going to show you that in just a second first though you can see that it comes complete.

With flying bats all over this very spooky looking haunted house in the background and of.

Course it’s set any very relevant black and orange color theme even the numbers around the dialer set in Roman numerals and a scary-looking font now double tapping on the face activates a set of iron doors that open and close which again really.

Ups that creepy factor and is a nice touch for this Halloween aspire to watch mates now there aren’t any features on this base but.

Again it’s meant to be a fashionable Halloween face and not something that you would wear every day so in this case I think it makes sense and hey it is free so there’s no harm in checking it out for yourself all right then the second freebie that you can pick up right now.

Is another bare-bones face when it comes to features as you only have the time and date displayed although this one does score pretty high on the creepy.

Factor now this one has a gyro effect built-in whereby the eyeball moves when you move the watch from side to side again this one is a very simple face that you’re.

Probably not gonna wear every day but it is quite fitting to throw on for Halloween.

Or just to creep your friends out okay guys this is just a quick video to let you guys know about these Halloween freebies so go grab them right now if you want to.

Wear them today or if you want to download them later that’s fine as well but just remember that the offer is going to expire by the weekend and then they’re going to switch back the paid versions thanks again for watching and I’ll catch you guys in the next.

Episode okay that’s it for this episode thanks for watching and I would really appreciate it if you could share this video and to subscribe to my channel it really helps me keep the channel going so I can continue to offer you guys discounts giveaways and a fresh content and if you want to be notified when the newest.

Video is just released and just click on that Bell icon next to the subscribe button I’ll see you in the next episode until.


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