Hi it’s Patrick Cranston of Cranston IT with your Bionic business vlog it’s my passion to help you make your business faster stronger better so today I want to give you a real world example of how important it is to keep your network secured last night I was out I actually had to take my daughter to get her nails.
Done one of my favorite activities and so I.

Was sitting in the car waiting for her to get done I was wanting to watch some video on my iPhone and I didn’t want to use up all my data so I.

Thought well see I was in a retail area I was like I’ll see if there’s any free Wi-Fi around where I can log on and check some.

Watch some video without having to use up my data so I pulled up my iPhone and over here I took some screenshots.

Of this because what I found was actually pretty amazing and also unfortunately pretty common so when I opened up my.

Wi-Fi connections I was looking and I saw a lot of locked you know secured Wi-Fi which is pretty common but I also found this one called Cisco SB one that was an unsecured Network so I joined that network and it let me join and gave me an internet connection that got me a little curious as.
To what this network was so.

And when I joined it you’ll see that Apple actually gave me a warning.

And said this was an unsecured network provides no security and if this was my network I should really put some security on the network so Apple is trying to be helpful.

But then down here you also see it gave me an IP address that’s my IP address on the network and then it gives me the router IP address that’s the device that’s controlling the network so I decided to just out of curiosity I.

Was like I’m gonna pull up that router and see what I get so I punched in that IP.

The web browser now this is just all from my phone not from my computer or anything so just from.

My phone I pull up the web address and I’m taken to the router login page which is typical I this is web console most routers are web consoles now and I was curious that’s like hmm this is an unsecured Network I wonder if.

This business has password-protected their network so I went and did a quick search online for default.

Passwords for Cisco routers and it gave me.

All I found a quick link with all the login default logins for Cisco routers.

So I wasn’t sure what router I was trying to login to the exact model but there’s only two options so I tried both options and sure enough the actually the very first option I tried logged me right into this businesses router so here I was just a person on the street and in a couple of minutes without really any hacking skills at all I was able to access their network and access network equipment on their.

Network so now I could control their network in theory I could take over this network and I don’t have screenshots here but if.

You go down through here gives me a list of all the connected devices so I could see all the devices on their network and actually I wasn’t sure what.

Business I was connecting to but when I pulled up there connected devices they had named some of their devices with the name of the business so I now knew exactly what business I was connecting to and this has a VPN connection on here so I could have gone in and set the VPN connection set up a VPN and which would have now allow me to get remote access to their network from anywhere in the on the Internet and they would never know so in this case I am gonna reach out and contact this.

Company and let them know they need to hook put better security on the router and I actually did one better I went ahead and change their password for their router from the default so that at least if someone else logs.

In they won’t be able to get on their router and access it via the default now we see this a lot more so if you’re a small business when you’re setting up your network you really need to make.

Sure you’re following basic security protocols at the very least one you should always.

Be securing your Wi-Fi networks with wpa2 encryption or better so you always want to make sure that when you go.

In looking at on Wi-Fi network you see here these are all encrypted and password-protected so I can’t just log on to these networks where this one was totally unsecured and for any kind of networking equipment and computers that you have on your network you always need to be changing the default usernames and passwords because default usernames and passwords for network devices are very commonly found on the internet and well-known so it’s very easy to find out a default password and just log in this.

Will save you a ton of time frustration and money down the road if I’m if I was a malicious hacker.

There is all sorts of things I could have done to this retail business to really to just.

Screw up their business or cause financial harm or try to steal information out of their business and it was just sitting there open for anyone to come by that was in that area to log on and take advantage of them hope you found.

Information helpful if you did please like and share this post if you have.

An additional question or comment please post a comment in the comment section or send the questions to ask at Cranston IT comm and I’ll try to answer it in a future video and one last thing if you don’t have the.

Expertise on hand to deal with these type of IT security questions as a small business I highly encourage you to reach out to.

Your local IT security professional and get professional help on this because this is a very real issue and can have drastic impact on your business.


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