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All the amazing details and the photos and fun things that I’ll be doing with other streamers and the community I’ll see you there and.

Enjoy the video so glad people are making this quality content hey hey guys see your mics we’re going over lazy apparently wait a second this is a real kitty no I’m just a fan no way I’m actually not kidding on power cord so Yuri there’s a llama in the courts going for it oh no just two going for it – so do I know I want a my beat him with my shotgun so he did yeah I’m okay straight I am.

Am power cords I get it I ain’t getting plays game Manny check her stream no you mean power cords and her stream touch.

Quaid say it anyone else here but power cord thank you where’s this guy’s Tina : oh there’s a knot okay I kill your.

Knock skitty you want a slurp enough for in double barrel does it come with your mom Oh who died.

I’m sorry I’ve been finishing people off that’s why you finish – I’m sorry dude oh no I don’t want that I want that flute.

Pump you pick up but hey if we get it 20 Vaughan will you play with us again yeah all right not keys though cuz he’s dead yeah your wife okay no dude I don’t everyone always blames their wife or their cat on fire.

Come on what a nice lady y’all want to go for the island grab a ghost hit it rich get that boom boom pow bunny hop and let’s go so even Lou didn’t I got that boom boom.

Pow boom boom pow let’s not have a sucker OH pushing the New York bill there’s people on the.

Docks on the docks on the docs on the dock let’s go let’s.

Go kids let’s get this 20 bomb I’m gonna put my trihard panties on he’s right here they don’t have to kill him we have to kill him real good team blue er here is he close where’d he go di notte his team is trying to frag me one.

In the first floor there’s two slurps over here you won’t have a sniper he’s no cheela squad these guys are bad I’m not good like you just push them.
My name watch out guys he’s a TSM player what I got ahead sighs what.

You guys I don’t want to talk about how many times I hit this guy and what yeah the numbers were oh yeah you pay for ninety I hate that guy sixteen can.

I have that med kit can we hide right here I got the mini s together videos I got I took so much fall damage I ran out of mats oh my camera done how long is it wait wait wait wait oh I clicked something oh shit I gotta rest I’ll leave you over here boy we don’t have to go that far how many kills.

Me oh nice whoa man have some faith in me okay I’ll check minis wait we have nine yeah yeah let’s.

Go into the vent and then decide where to go we gotta kill everyone on this map actually no we can’t do it anymore we need it 11 no man there’s only nine boys hoping I can see some people are gonna kill everyone else how about if we don’t listen go kill pretty sure this.


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