What’s up you guys zetia flip Tronics I’m going to be giving you my final thoughts on the note 9 at gaming performance alright so I’ve had a chance to you know check out some of the highest graphic games on this phone I’ve had the phone for well over a month and it’s definitely the best Android phone out right.

Now now you get that six point four inch display which is great for gaming on here and watching.
Videos the phones also got stereo sound speakers that are.

Probably the loudest of any phone right now I’ve done a lot of different comparison videos with the sound quality and this phone definitely you know blows away pretty much every other phone then of course it’s got great battery life you know and whatnot so I will have a link in the description if you want to check out the note 9 obviously it’s not a cheap phone either but over time the price will go down on it and I think you know.

When it does go down a little bit you should definitely grab it so I’m gonna.

Kick things off with pub G we’re gonna get a couple other games in here after this and you know feel free to message me below as well if you have any questions about this phone I also have to mention that the phone even though it’s pretty big you.

Know it still fits in your pocket okay so that’s another thing and yeah I mean just a lot of positives with this phone for sure other than the price point but it will go down over time anyways let’s see what we can.

Do here on pub G as we get this rolling right here hop out that cabin doing a little bit of a nosedive right here it looks like this will be a good area to land all right very nice okay so on that kill I am gonna move on to the next game but as you can see pub.

G you know is gonna play excellent on this phone you know obviously it looks gorgeous – all right so the next thing I’m going to be getting into here is gonna be left to survive you know one of my favourite games to come out all year it’s that third-person zombie shooter it’s another great.

Game to you know showcase more of the note 9 for sure and you know I think everybody out there should definitely check this one out as well it’s just a sick.

Game alright uh let’s see Brad here I mean.

You can really hear the volume on this phone – like I said it is it’s just loud it’s a loud phones hanging out the big boy all right very nice so I’m gonna get into one more game here for everybody which is gonna be another zombie shooter into the dead – you know one of my favorites and like I said it’s another great game that showcases you know what this phone can do but you just really can’t.

Just the just the screen size on here just makes gaming more enjoyable you know what I’m saying bigger screen you know more fun for sure we’re gonna summit level three here and another point two I have not had any overheating.

Issues with this phone I’ve used it for well over an hour straight without you know having to worry about you know it feeling super hot or anything so that’s another thing I.

Forgot to uh that I need to point out oh yeah man just love getting those zombies Oh double kill feeling it Helen alright cool so um yet just to recap here obviously like I said my final thoughts just.


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