What I have today is the October waterfowl hunters haul box and this one is the advance box if you guys don’t know what hunters haul is it is a subscription box that comes to your door every single month and you can pick between whitetail big-game waterfowl predators and they’re all kind of seasonal but now is the waterfowl season.

So we’re gonna be getting waterfowl boxes up until January so if you guys want to pick one of these up head over to Hunter’s Hall calm I’ll leave a link in the description of this video and you guys can get 10% off your first order by using the code outdoor limits also if you.

Like this video be sure to leave a thumbs up one more thing before we start this unboxing if you want to pick up a shirt like this one click.

The link in the description hats are over there as well but this is the October shirt of the month from ducks if you buy this shirt you have a chance to win a duck boat so go check that out I’ll leave.

Links in the description as well there’s a look there’s gonna be a lot of links in this video ok let’s open up the waterfowl box for October I’ve been waiting so long for this box to come and.

My anticipation just got more and more hyped up after the last box because I was like ok that’s the last of the whitetail.

Boxes next month’s gonna be the waterfowl box I’m pumped let’s see what’s in here stab my throat with a knife okay we got some decent stuff in here so there are two things in here that are strictly in the advance box and the other stuff is in the pro box there’s a pro box in an advance box the pro box is $45 in the advance box is $110 in my own personal opinion I think the advance box is well worth.

The money that you spend and you will see why here ok here we have a.

Duck commander pintail whistle this I believe is not just pin tails there’s your pin tail but then you can do a dove I believe yeah this is this is like a.

A widget this one’s pretty loud I’ve got a black one but this one’s this one’s definitely louder this is eight dollars and this one does come in the pro next we have a nice hat though we can wear this as a fleece hat made by browning and it’s 20 dollars $17.

99 to be exact and this one comes in the pro box as well.

If you guys hear construction equipment it is just my road being resurfaced up in front of my apartment complex Cavanaugh he’s been going on for.

Like two weeks moving on we’ve got some farm two feet wager socks these are pretty thick and they look like they’ll be super comfortable to wear under your waders or whatever.

Look at those things like can’t you just like look can you see how like warm and fuzzy those are I’m not aware of those so much this year but these come in the pro box and they retail for $25.
99 okay now we have something from.

Tangle-free I like tangle free gear it’s pretty nice this I believe is the tangle free duck strap this thing’s freaking huge look at this.

Oh my butt yeah this this comes in the pro box as well and it retails for $15 this is definitely going to replace my academy one that’s for sure like just the quality of the tangle free strap compared to that game-winner or whatever academy is like this one’s a lot more padded when you have this thing full of women of mallards you’re walking out for a mile public land it’s kind of nice to have something comfortable so I’m a fan I like this.
Lot I love the water pail boxes if you guys can’t so I’m like.

Super hype right now okay I’m a.

Fan of this we’re going to show you what we got here this is something that is strictly in the advanced box so if you got a pro box you didn’t get this and actually everything I went over already was in the pro box and that’s.

That’s what came in the Provo so now these next two things are.

In the advanced box only and we’ve got a tangle free off the fig gun sling I’m definitely a fan of Optive.

Aid I think it’s gonna be the next big thing is pretty much the biggest thing in duck hunting already but just the camouflage on top defeat is so much better than real tree or mossy oak or anything I’m I’m a dog diehard opti fete person but this is a real nice gun sling and it looks like it’s got a lot of length to it I’ve.

Had experience with gun slings and they’re just way too short and I think this one’s got enough to where it’s easy to get on and off and you got like a bag or whatever you want to throw it over it’s nice to have a lot of length on your gun strap plus tangle free make some really good stuff I’m pumped this this retails for $39.

Good does that look and just that just looks sexy I like this a lot you can just one hand boom and you’re right there nice and loose it just swings right over nice and easy BAM and then you can also tighten it up however.

Tight you want I like it I like it a lot I don’t know if I’m gonna shoot with it one thing I don’t like about gun slings is sometimes they get in the way when you’re shooting usually I want.

Them on private land and hunting out like a layup line or whatever I don’t usually have a sling.

On my gun but on public land it’s pretty nice to have it so you don’t have to bring your case or anything like that you just tote it in.

Right there I like that fits my gun perfect what do you guys think of the black nopsi fade doesn’t work I don’t know it makes black wood look a little better but it’s not fashion.

Show out there now this last item in the box I’ve been staring at this whole time since I open it I’ve been saving it for last and that would be a mojo green-winged teal now these are the kind that run on double a’s they don’t have the rechargeable batteries like.

Some other mojos and lucky ducks have but that’s pretty sweet I love these things this is gonna be super easy to pack in in my bag like I’ve got that big two slot Rogers spending like decoy bag this.

Will just slide right in there perfect oh I love it let’s open this up and take a look at it I don’t know if they I don’t know if mojo changed up there their style for the teals or whatever I know like the Mallards and everything all those have.

Like a little bit of a different.

Different design to them can I open this tape oh my Caesar to cut the bar board and tape okay you know these I don’t think they changed up the teal they oh this is the kind with the feet that are gonna break off right.


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