What’s going on guys scrubber cure bringing you guys another call of duty black ops 4 video today’s video is another class setup but this time it’s gonna be over the vapor xkg go ahead and set the vapor to your primary you can either use a red dot sight or an EVO sight I just enjoy using the evil eye.

On the vapor a whole lot more than the red dot sight for your attachments I use.
A suppressor because this is the only AR in the game that is actually.

Able to be suppressed which is Oh P as hell if you ask me the next thing I use the rapid fire I want to give those shots out to the enemy a lot faster and that stock is a must-have on this gun so you can move faster long aiming the gear I use the acoustic sensor perk one I use scavenger you never want to.

Run out of ammo when you’re on a high kill streak / to dexterity that increased accuracy while jumping is a must guys this game is intense you need to be jumping and that part is a must-have / three I’ve actually created correction to my first video when I said that I would rather use ghosts and that’s a must-have perk three has to be dead silence because of this acoustic sensor and that’s all I got for.

You guys today I’m gonna be showing you guys been close to me using this exact class setup but if you did enjoy the video a like rating is always appreciated I’ll see you guys in the next video.

See ya maile fire much spread to be on see now they’re about to push Bravo you put a century out there – there’s some motherfuckers god damn.

It the weakest link not you securing be hey lockdown Victory’s closed wrap it up and let’s go home.


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