Are you trying to buy some players but they’re too expensive we’ll look no further checkout by my coins dock I’m using the code wheels for 10% off and get you some coins baby what’s up guys and welcome back to another Madden 19 Altima team video now today we have the brand new team of the week for week number.

Seven of the NFL season got some pretty interesting team moving players out here so we’re gonna check it out rip some packs hopefully pull some of the big guys and that so that we could.

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Comments down below let me know your guys thoughts on the team of the week guys so this is the team of the week for week number seven we got Whitney merciless.

As a defensive hero James white as the offensive hero and cam noon as the team week boss guard really.

Interested in this cam dude I think he might be pretty nice the Gator II can’t was actually pretty good too so a little plus three overall for him right there checking out the rest of the team of the week so we got.

Phillip Rivers DJ surrender as.

Cards carry on Johnson and Julius Peppers as the 85 Tyrell Williams trae Waynes as a 82 Marlin Mac Calvin OS 81 s Benjamin.

Watson Carla sieve as the 79 s and Michael Roberts and J Ron curse as the 78 so that is what the team malukas looking like some interesting players I guess Phillip Rivers might be nice for people that like pocket passers usually I say this every time usually these set guards are really good for.

Like if you play salary cap.

They’re usually not too useful I.

Guess I could check out some of these guys like carry on Johnson might be an interesting card 89 speed 86 carrying yeah I mean you’re mostly looking for you know salary cap teams at that point with these cards James White Witney worthless let’s check out these cards and then we’ll see if Camden’s on the market so James.

White now on the mark he was a hub market when I first started this so that’s kind of annoying but Whitney.

Merciless there’s a lot of Whitney mercilessness on the market so 80 wants to be six foot four by the way at outside linebacker 81 speed.

80 accel 76 strength 91 tackle 91 play wreck 87 block shed 88 Power Move 77 finesse move looking pretty good it looks pretty good I’ve seen the rest of his attributes here 91 awareness let’s keep going 91 tackle 81 jumping six-foot-four 81 jumping not too bad definitely not too bad 87 block 9 went play rec 77 zone.

It’s not awful definitely not awful probably more of a pass rusher than anything 90 hit power so that is where you’re looking at with the weenie merciless he’s got a bad card that way not a bad outside linebacker we got mouth Shaq over here I like Myles check for the coverage.

But honestly this doesn’t look that bad at all so he doesn’t have a power up though that’s the one big.

Thing is no power up on the Whitney on the on the Whitney merciless might get one at.


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