Hi this is for the walk away campaign I think it’s very interesting and I just wanted to give my story my opinion on why I bought it a Republican in 2016 and why we minorities are it’s okay to be a Republican it’s okay to be different I was born in Mexico and raised in Mexico so unlike unlike a.

Lot of Latino Americans I was not born in.

Them in the United States so that makes me a little unique so because of that I’m supposed to be a Democrat right because hey the wall but the.

Biggest reason why I bought it for Republican in 2016 is because of the hypocrisy on the left I’m old enough to remember when Obama became the president and he was championed because he was black by a lot of black folks and a lot of us Latinos saw him as one.
Of her own now fast forward to 2016 I remember dr.

ben Carson coming up who is also black and I simply assume well you.

Know well here’s a black guy she’s gonna be championed by the black people because he’s black right well instead of that he was being he was criticized he was.

Called a racist he was called a member of the KKK he was labeled alright and he was also.

Said being said that he’s not black enough now prior to dr.

ben Carson coming out and say pull it politician I knew a little bit about him because I learned about him on Black History Month okay he was a champion for black Americans prior to being a Republican okay I remember learning about him in Black History Month and I when I saw him as.
A politician I thought well.

A lot of black people are gonna get behind.

Him but it was totally opposite imagine they would have said about that about Obama the only difference between the two is one was a Democrat almost a Republican a lot of the things that the current president is doing are things that the former president did for example sending.

The to the border nobody criticize Obama for doing that nobody criticized Obama for separating children and from their families if I were to be arrested and I were with kids the kids wouldn’t be locked up with me I think that’s stupid to think that we should not separate kids like what else are you gonna do I’m.

Again it’s as easy as the hypocrisy from the other side that everything that it’s being.

Good enough for them yet they did the same thing and no one criticized them for it when it comes down to it Latinos come on let’s be honest we are.

The most conservative group various we learn to have a strong family relationship we learn about our religion since we are young we are learn to respect our elders to to talk with manners to say hi to say bye yet for some reason here we want to be liberals no okay and I think that’s a very obvious when we saw in this 2016 where two guys from.

A Latino background were running for.

The Presidency on the Republican ticket such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio I don’t care about the color of your skin I don’t care about your ethnicity again I was supporting dr. ben Carson he lost I ended up voting for Trump at the end Latinos are anti-socialist too so I do not see how a lot of teens can vote for.

Party we see what’s happening in Cuba were a lot of Cubans left Cuba because of socialism a lot of people are coming from Venezuela because of socialism I had a summer job where there were about five Venezuelans working here now I’m talking about five newly arrived Venezuelans why would they move from Venezuela here maybe because there’s not enough.

Things to get over there yet some people are fighting to bring this type of politics.

Here to United States something that I can definitely get behind is to make America great again when I worry.

About myself I worry about my house if one of my branches needs to be cut off I go and I cut it off if my grass too too long I go in my mow it if I need to pay my house I go and I paint it it don’t worry about my neighbor’s house I’m gonna let my neighbor worry about his house okay I worry about my house let my never worry about his house.

If he houses the wall taken care of and my house is well taken care of we’re gonna have a nice neighborhood now if my country’s taking care of and your country’s taken care of I’m gonna let Canada where about Canada I’m gonna let Mexico where about Mexico I’m gonna let friends were about the friend friends and if we do that we’re gonna have a nice global community.

Okay but don’t criticize me for trying to.

Make my own home better like to make America great again okay they’re criticize criticizing what Trump did for NATO return them to pay.

They agree for that and then they’re saying that Trump is making natal listen if you want to have a strong NATO I say all the countries pay what they’re supposed to pay there’s gonna be more money and then the countries are gonna have a.

Stronger NATO strong an army to go against whoever okay but I pay my own bills my neighbor pays.

His bills my other neighbor pays his bills and they don’t pay their bills it’s not my fault it’s not my problem when I make a contract I have to I.

Have to to keep my word okay when I put you in.

My car I sign the line just what if I don’t pay my car gets taken away now I just country signed is NATO agreement and they’re not pain yet for some reason we’re the ones that.

Are getting criticized yeah that’s ridiculous okay.

Let’s make America great again let the French make France dragon and let everybody.

Else make their own country gherkin and together we can make a great global community and tribes gonna win again 2020 for sure more and more Latinos are boarding public game because of the same reason and you know what yeah I see it difficult but anyways don’t want to make this video too long have a great day stay safe.


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