Hello everyone and welcome to our new video where today we are going to be checking out the top 5 best wireless keyboards in the market in 2018 I made this is based on my personal opinion and I try to list them based on the price quality durability and more if we want to see the price and find out.

More information about these keyboards you can check out the links down in the description and the comment section below ok so let’s get started with the video at number 5 we have the Microsoft PT 3 Microsoft has a long history in competitive electronics market in which they’re continuously crafting and releasing quality products one.
Of them is this keyboard which is meant for office and your personal usage.

Of course so let’s get started and explain why this model is worth having from design perspective this keyboard features a sleek and modern construction that is mainly.

Composed of plastic and accompanied by quiet check crystal keys since it is a wireless keyboard the connectivities includes only a USB receiver which is something common with any keyboard of this type and there are also two triple A batteries included which are pretty durable or according to Microsoft they can last for around two years I also want to mention that Microsoft has implemented the Advanced Encryption standard technology or to be more precise the keyboard has.

Hundred and twenty eight bit encryption which is great due to the fact that your information will be highly secure establishing a reliable connection is about as smooth so all you have to do is just plug the included USB into your desktop or laptop.

Port and in seconds you can start typing in addition the worldís range is up to 30 feet so you can lay in your on your bed and type while.

Enjoying the given come for now let’s focus more on the keys I like the following two things about them first of all they are quiet so your colleagues won’t get annoyed by the sound of the keys clicking secondly they have a really good spacing between them so you can type accurately without missing any keys the media keys are located above the number pad which is positioned at the far right so during your.

Work if you prefer to listen to some music you can adjust the volume pause it or mute it before we finish I want to inform you that the keyboard comes with a basic full-size Mouse which as the keyboard can be connected to a Windows and Mac OS so you shouldn’t worry about anything overall if you’re looking for a quality and affordable keyboard and mouse combo.

Then this is the one you’re looking for next up at number four we have the Logitech K 780 the Logitech K 780 is a true gem because it has the ability to connect to multiple operative systems and devices while providing you with an extremely comfortable typing experience from the design perspective the K 780 is a full-size mag back keyboard which boasts a complete set of circular shape function keys.

And a number pad which means that the convenient typing is guaranteed from the moment you start using it at the front there is a rubberized tray which is a great addition since you can place your mobile device or tablet in it and have a great viewing.


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