Fucking match what the fuck junk you are on you’re on my stream right now I’m assuming this oh yeah so there anything you like to say little gay yeah man I’m about to bust motherfuckers up you want to go war machine of gridlock cool I’ve got a good line I like all those maps right there perfect son Dominic.

Johnson sunny oh hey man you watch that weird TV.

Rob Van Dam where he’s trying to get back into.

Being an assassin and his name is John.

Johnson or some shit like that yeah it’s on.

Netflix man it’s like Rob Van Johnson or it’s I don’t know I can’t remember what it’s really called but look into it yeah it’s it’s old school.

It seems like old school Rob damn van some animal Rob Van Dam but yeah it’s a TV series it’s either it’s on prime video that was on prime yeah I have a few uh other.

Good series that’s on up on there I’m kind of wondering about jpg climb that’s what we have gtfo oh you fucked me up and then it comes.

Blazed Wade well he’s a redneck I thought he was right next to a bad guy right next.

Trapped what the hell why didn’t that guy blow up he did he did he died yeah that’s what I’m wondering feet down watch out snapper right side balcony I’m getting my ass kicked right now.

No fucking way here no come on come on give me it I have to get.

Up where were these guys at you got where he got before I did man all right oh shit okay now now we.

Starting to kick my ass that guy happy well I work back next last few matches ago I was doing good now not sorry don’t put too much other.

More weight on here weird on my weight I’m not I didn’t see your leg I said your weight because the chair starting to feel funny Tamas burger going to eat son putting her putting her arms on the chair already I’m not quite sure what the hell is going on that’s our first loss that’s the first last tonight man what’s fuck our second round alright one middle man I just weakened that guy where the fuck is the.

Other guy he’s coming up on that I feel fucking shit I think I down them what the fuck the game does not let me oh I went right past him come on man I.

Need backup where are you I got one kid what the fuck is going on here all right you up there with brown come on where the fuck I tried helping you Sean and then I died no you’re.

On the right side what the fuck what the fuck some guy out there got me down with up come on right what the fuck who is that you let the guy run up and he didn’t he stood over there and then.

Way late to the party when I’m dying I’m doing horrible right now and I better get out of his fucking way mine up down in the middle yeah these guys I.

Hope you don’t play with these guys again and play with somebody else no I’m.

Not talking about the guys we’re going again so talk about the guys we are teamed up with fucking dick ulis fucking idiot that’s good what still.

Yourself money you want he wants to look good that’s me doing it you look at it yet yeah he did but man that she can kill you I almost slapped him one time yeah I don’t blame you oh man these guys these guys are mirror helping each other than our team it’s so fucking retarded this is right now the me oh come on man the RDAs sniper I killed no this is a there’s another guy out there well I fucking shot him too man I’ve wondered fired him I heard him he’s red but he.

Ain’t dead yeah fucking come up here like that again oh shit one guy below come on.

Now I not sure how that happened did that I’m just staying over here I’m waiting for him to come over what the fuck I missed him I guess he killed me well you spawned he pleaded man I have to have the last.

Respond I can’t I can’t remember how you cannot spot there that’s mine ah fucking that guy stole my kill we won man that time you got a lot more kills than that dude all right man just keep this blister in the mouth.

Make him hurt how the heck do I earn him I don’t not know how to earn what’s his name fucking Phoenix man classic Marcus Marcus Fenix I want to earn him I don’t understand the owl I can’t craft them create a single card using a scrap can’t do it I don’t know I don’t know why okay great I have got to have 2400 scrap a full of gameplay this car cannot be.

Created or destroyed well have a fuck yeah man I don’t know how a really the the bounty shit works up in there let’s do a war machine or check out check out there you get back the third.

Option was gridlocked I mean why played the same map twice check out that from Gears.

Of War 3 yep you can carry that Bubbe turn it up blow bubbles let me try to play what is this a trial plan apart you hear about Roman reigns having cancer yep I think it was right for him to come out there but the thing is saying that he lied it not really lying it’s just can’t.

Until oh shit get him get him why I kinda stole my kill name is daniele fucker still ahead of me shouldn’t been able whoo there’s a gusher men I fucked up oh shit.

That was crazy hey it won’t sooner or later sound I’m gonna be getting that brand-new Forza horizon there works.

Really good Oh or they they’re over here in the corner we’re coming from.

Be honest I’m not quite sure there we go we got it yeah I got my frag grenade right there not that hyped either man because the way the story ended and the graphics I wonder what the fuck brand newzik graphics.

Today it’s going to be something.

That makes sense for them to do or are we getting almost the same.

Know what I mean right naked boy yeah I hope you’re the word five is really good it’s just I don’t know what the fuck like.

They need to not make it look her traditional moron and what I think that you do is put some good actors up in there all right yeah they have good actor but come on man we need then I want them looking world realistic make them look realistic you might find like this really cool look to the game well.

Then again you will you use the vibe of what it looks like now and dirt and now dirt it looks or it could look eerie it could look eerie really good if they make it look realistic you know I mean yep so actually it could be really good no matter what bitch fucked me up add that make you oh man they got.

Me yep slots ponds depleted man I watch you guys play damn can’t hear you what you found it I’m surprised what the fuck what the fuck it did not it not do anything funds abroad might see my fucking grenade son you playing Max Payne.

You know I will did watch the interview with the guy that wrote Max Payne family yep what the fuck dude humidity left side left side gosh darn why is there a pickup the hit oh man they’re going over their name name losing their camping that one area yeah really bad like come on man the other guy on.

The side me didn’t help me all that much out shooting him.

With the fucking Lancer and all of a sudden you know he shoots me over the thing and he still let him shoot me come on big bosses coming up the left side left side don’t joke me up your left not mine are they camping over the oh shit there’s a fucking guy right there how the fuck does he shoot you guys and shoot me I am doing horrible man not I can’t do shit oh we can get on PlayStation 4 alright I’m gonna go use the restroom I think.

Well this is going to be ending pretty soon there we go they won that round Oh what the fuck all right there we go man boys good game with you.


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