These men look like they need the doctor they’re lousy sparring partners every last one I need professionals to practice with before the Battle of 100 hands I need that champion maybe your champion has arrived is that right if you’re serious I am a sanctioned competitor in the battle you practice with me and the rockiest will let both of.

Us officially enter this battle the Battle of 100 hands is the most grueling contest in the Greek world the body count is high and the chance of success low are you sure.

That something you want to train for killings what I do and I to it well you have the right attitude I’ll give you that but you can’t simply power your way to victory in the battle of 100 hands it takes preparation if this battle is so difficult why enter it the.

Door not from a family of means champion and have always dreamed about the hundred hands purse my father.

My brother tried to win it years ago even my mother entered last time and now they’re all gone dead you want these like.
Care about that rock me not now I need to save my.

Family’s legacy from the edge of yet another Champions blade I need to win and become like a hero of old if the battles.
So hard why do you think you’ll win I trained at all hours until my body.

Out before bed I make offerings to Ares I wake in the night.

To strategize and then I rise in the morning to do it all again that’s an impressive amount of work if I don’t win the battle at least I’ll know I’ve done all I can you mentioned I should talk to the.

Rack use about officially entering the battle where can I find you he’s usually in the town on Melos doesn’t go far let’s say I want to fight in the battle of 100 Huns then fight me and prove you are a worthy training companion.

You asked for it come on meteors I felt worse I’m not angry it seems you are the.

Champion I’ve been looking for a real Spartan if I’m right you are I sensed it in the way you fought aggressive.

But not reckless my name is Roxana Alexios next on the agenda is archery training.
Are you ready I’m ready so eager well a shipment of wolves has wrecked.

Onshore nearby they were meant to be part of the battle but now there are practice targets let’s go hunting for a safe distance.

Here now shoot these cursed wolves before they start taking down the local children I’ll see if there isn’t a thing or two I can learn from you it’s nice to be out here just the two of us is that right.

There were a lot of onlookers when we sparred you’ll be happy to know the rest of our training will be more private on with the hunt I can always.

Use more pelts a true champion I knew it ready your bow.

Do you want wolves killed or not not exactly the archery training I was hoping for the wolves are dead that’s what matters if.

You say so how much more training will we do before I can enter the bottle what you don’t want to spend more time with me this time with you has been I don’t know what to say say no more in a strange way I see my own reflection in you yes we’ve only just met and yet we have a connection.

You’re a unique creature Alexius there is one more step to our training where to my house shall we continue now that we’ve saved the children of hid three from a pack of hungry wolves I guess we can move on you jest but that was a real nuisance.

We dealt with your choices have an impact Alexios your actions have already benefited the people here so shall we complete our.

Training we do have unfinished business the training or the company we’ve been having so much fun fighting each other killing wolves go on I think you’ll like this next challenge yes we’re going to have a footrace first one to the high point on the island wins the last part of training is a race the Battle.

Of 100 hands is about skill strength and most of all endurance a tired competitor is an easy target for someone with stamina I make regular offerings to earn Easter stay fast.

Race what will I get bragging rights alone great it’s not the result you should be after it’s the training after this you will be.

Ready to enter the battle of 100 hands I will vouch for you and you will vouch for me I’m ready you said race to the high point yes the plateau on the other side of town when I say go the race is on three two one go I thought you’d be faster just enjoying the view whoa you’re fast even with all that gear it’s easy to forget.

How beautifully this year when you’re training so hard you mean all this training leaves no time for fun I can tell you’re holding something back maybe I come up here to remind myself to live in the moment I can see how that might work I’m telling you he was never fully dressed and some people on kathiria built a statue to this man malik.

A simple oakley’s what became of him that’s MELAS Island right there were so many warriors go to die at the battle we may.

Have to fight each other and only one of us will survive I thought you came up here to live in the moment how’s this for in the moment let’s make it more than a moment must you wear so many layers comes with the job I guess I guess this is goodbye until the bottom I mean let’s not make this difficult I can’t help thinking we don’t have to cross swords you could skip the battle as easy.

As I can but you won’t you’re right goodbye Oksana.


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