Hi and welcome to the six five guys gear update I’m ed mumbling and I’m Steve Lawrence yeah back yet shot show we were introduced to the Voodoo gun works rifle and their action you actually you have to you know the v-22 you actually have have the setup so you’re pretty excited I imagine yeah I I’ve been looking for.

A twenty two repeater for some time and there are a lot of them out on the market and you know they’re even bedded in the traditional tactical chassis mmm-hmm but they’re the feel the balance.

Is is not the same and so what really interested me about the v-22 is you’ve got a Remington 700 compatible receiver and you’ve got you can get it in an empty you contour barrel now they have different barrel contours available and what really excited me was their magazine yeah it has the same footprint as your typical AIC us a little bit longer than aw Meg.

Exactly and and there are a lot of rigs out there that you know may take in on ships or cz your rifle again just terrific.

But you don’t have this type of a magazine and and where I particularly found it valuable is I wanted a trainer where I could replicate.

What I would do with it with a full-sized traditional rifle right down to you know if I wanted to put a bag underneath the magazine for like shooting off a parapet maybe yeah I could do that well then it’s interesting.
You mentioned that because you actually have the.

The action the barrel sitting in the exact same stock that you’re using in your match right well exactly so if you looked at our video with Brian Whelan at a Colorado precision rifle this is the exact same chassis I was shooting my 308 in I simply bolted bolted it in here mm-hmm the magazine that it fit perfectly and and that to me was just just very very attractive and of course I put.

I put the the tub trigger on here we’ll do another video on that but that’s the the t-72 exactly a very very nice trigger and it just it just plopped right in there yeah and.

Really nice set up I think it’s interesting when I looked at these what I came to realize was Bergin ah mcclee it’s an exact duplicate exactly Remington 700 clone typically what you would experience using like a defiance action or Kurtis or whatever I.

Think the secret the sauce really is this magazine right because as you had mentioned there’s a lot of magazines out there the tiny ones that you slip into you know whether it be cz 455 I should not choose what what have you but as you mentioned this is ergonomically the same type of experience you would have in a regular magazine but as.

I understand it feeds very very well oh yeah really they’ve really ironed out all.

Those those kinks that you might think I mean I put about 500 rounds through this with various types of ammunition I mean they all fed well they.

All shot well and then a friend brought over his Thunder beast takedown 22 suppressor we did a video on that for shot show and using subsonic ammunition I mean it just sounded like.

Yeah like that and then with target velocity ammunition completely totally quiet like a solid gun I think a good question people would ask is well.


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