To oh yeah give it up 18 can’t wait the nice thing stuff gonna be late so I know about this so all the doubters and the naysayers how mellow could possibly work out well for the right kids first off my just walks off by saying the rock is really didn’t lose anything but defense to this long season and.

Trevor ariza lincoln bob was saying very very much he was very this season he stayed injured most of the season damn shoulder then we was actually in the game because careless turnovers like anytime he passed the ball.

To just do in the corner instead to take my side he decides he wants to pump take a drive he has the biggest first step I’ve ever seen cuz every time you pass me the ball on the corner and he decides wants to drive it in he steps out of bounds man we actually gets a chance to driving in either he blows the lamp or he is not bound either way he screws until he didn’t shoot the.

Three like he was supposed to any time the game of the ball he wanted to drive instead of shooting so we didn’t lose anything him Trevor Ariza again we lost a.

With him defense use our defensive ankle he always guards the best player or everything players with a contrasting game said.

Old for 9 from three-point line we’ve never seen anything like that turn pleases.

It’s all for 12 as a whole from the game don’t nobody want that like what are you doing man your whole.
Be serving dudes about this you helping them beat us so we didn’t.

Lose my fans we got better offensively yes we got worse defensively because the defendants less but that’s not the roster we’re gonna finish to you with that’s not a lot the roster we’re gonna go and playoff sweep obviously.

Anybody knows there amore knows that he changes the roster constantly and completely he always.

Goes and gets somebody else like how you got Darryl Greene in the off season nine actually wasn’t even offseason it was midseason before the all-star break I believe Jeff Green was firing up he’s one of the best three-point shooters on.

The team and then get the roster still isn’t set because training camps – that’s half and then we still have to get rid of Ryan Anderson now the room I’m hearing besides the Kent Bazemore moment one I really like.
They might trade Ryan Empson and go get James Johnson Tyler.

Johnson from Miami they do that the.

Rockets bench is even better and they don’t have to worry about much of any thing because they have said there are sterile officially in my opinion they will be a stacked team they can get James Johnson.

And Tyler just because those two solid players for my that that Jim then mil will just put down neither I’m not gonna ignore that no I’m not gonna this is just a preview game you know I doubt the Rockets will actually be dominating them like this you know Warriors are warriors two-pointer.

Eric Gordon shooting 39% for the season from the field this is Kim back into simply well with the defense what.

The hell Martin Carter would see this dude he’s working hard I think this year.
He might snap back into the Rookie of the Year my same.

Video him on YouTube he’s working hard and some layers to his.


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