Hey guys should you be laughing it’s a horrible place Jen this is horror stories today we are gonna be listening to some horrible war stories for Halloween this is just too creepy what are we doing here you think this is funny this isn’t funny this is sick Jen I did not make you up oh my God look what.

Oh I thought that was pizza those are teeth yes like he’s wearing pizza wait look we wear these maybe they cost money or some only a troll box totally worth it do not be like that.

Yeah it’s clean in here it’s pretty clean where are we going alright so wherever you would like oh I want to go towards this cute little cat the smile dog this sounds nice you just called a cat the cat’s a dog oh my god you took its face oh let’s go to this cat named smile dog Oh guys if you’re new to chat channel hit that subscribe by the hit it less.

Than two weeks ago best decision of my life no one is this cool looking in the world so that’s from creepypasta okay okay so we’re going down a horrible hallway a creepy dark hallway or I can do any of the creepy voices don’t worry alright alright okay so oh okay so that’ll be I’ll play this character okay hey buzz buzz I’ll play the cell phone okay well my phone buzzing this late night waking that sounds like.

Really really yeah wait look what he’s watching on TV seriously you’re so creepy lucky right now alright so the fall is just Reagan huh someone sent.

Me a horrific picture of smile dog a little kitty it is asking me to ascend into someone else oh look at the picture oh why would someone send that yeah what is that smile dog on the TV.

That’s a person running oh ok but anyone can make that mistake obviously I’m just gonna delete this sender and picture and forget this ever happened that’s a good idea oh yeah you do that I think it’s rainbow pajamas thank you.

I’m just going to sleep now sounds like up and I was standing over him like this I would think he would probably pee himself his rainbow pajamas.

Back what would happen I just got scared my smile dog oh why did I go through it again it didn’t work for me the first time cuz you were going through it oh my.

God it’s beautiful gorgeous alright so okay.

So he got up what what how am i seeing that creepy image again in this time it’s everywhere oh.

My god it’s on the walls oh that is so creepy apparently he’s dreaming oh this person wants a screenshot oh okay of course you can right now in the creepiest mention having the screenshot three days later Michael kept seeing this image over and over again this drove him.

Mob alright oh my gosh look at his face should we keep going alright yeah let’s keep going wait is.

That him up there I can’t take it more anymore I’m going to jump off this building what no where is this building there’s just grass around it I think he’s dreaming okay let’s keep going goodbye smile dog now I don’t have to see your horrid face anymore to change.

So like clouds on the side just choked on him jumped on top of him in white on top of the building all right okay Jeff come.

On through oh yeah it’s really beautiful all right so that’s why whatever okay oh no whenever someone sends you a picture of sabado Hugh Moss to resend it to someone.


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