Hey there and welcome back to factorio tightening the belt Megabass guide i’m exterminator and thank you for joining me again what we’re going to do today is work on placing down our mega base gear build on the last stream I did I routed quite a few belts down here in the mega base area you’ll see we have a.

Very thick line of belts here we’ve run the iron lines here which I believe is 14 of them up and around here and then.

Run all of the steel lines of course.

We’re not fully connected yet this build is almost fully built we’re still missing some beacons primarily in here and some Underground’s but running these steel lines up which would be eight lines here over here now my plan actually is I’m thinking to put the gears right in here because originally I hadn’t even thought of gears and you know they’re they’re gonna take a favorite of iron I take six belts of iron and the output a little more than four belted gears and that’s like I didn’t really want.

Belts of iron you know all the way to the boss and stuff so we’re just gonna make them in here because there’s room in the irons.

Running right through here anyway and then we’ll just output the gears okay so I have a build already made for that which is very straightforward very simple but mostly it’s just gonna be a little belt routing shenanigans that need to go on so what we need to do is I want to grab some.

Beacons I we’re short on beacons that’s the only reason the steel build isn’t done.

Because we were actually short on beacons and I’m not sure yeah I don’t even know where are we making beacons down here so as you can.

See this is actually nowhere near fast enough I’m wondering can I like snag some of these real quick I could see if I can snag two.
More here stop taking my stuff man mine and.

Fine okay sweet so let’s go over here first off this needs to be lo3 assembler that would help then.

We need to take these out we.

Need to put those in and that should help significantly it is of course.

Going to eat a ton of red circuits speaking of which all of this should really just be stacking Surtur’s even with stack inserters I don’t think this is quick enough yeah not.

Really there we go should be quick enough now and this belt mean how that should be fastened Aviva’s yellow belt live to see but let’s go ahead and head.
Over to our train and we’ll just build what we can down there.

Like I said we are a bit short on the beacons but uh I mean we have 60 here which I mean.

Isn’t great but it may get us there because the build is actually quite small and again you know the power of.

Beacons and modules are gear build which I have somewhere here we go our gear build is actually only eight assemblers and that’s actually a little bit overkill all right so let’s head on down and drop – that’s all I don’t know if that’s too far away or not I do need to move these stations I’m just kind of lazy and I keep not having track as well so let’s go ahead we have tons of belt let’s grab all.

The beacons that we can we actually have more beacons in here – which is fantastic what are we gonna need we need belt we’ll probably need some more underground I would imagine quite a few more than this and we’ll just grab any modules we have at the moment like that and head on down okay so yeah this is gonna output a little not that this is gonna output a little more than four belts of gears now of course there’s eight assemblers so what we’re gonna have to do is just merge eight belts into four.

Which I think the best way to do that is just to do an eight-day balancer and then on leap or pull four lanes out of it I’ve kind of gone over this before but.

Myself as well as a quite a few other mega base and just factorial experts you know mojo hope well Zuri and stuff like that all agree that using like power of.

Two balancers like this so like eight eight or four two four or whatever is usually best that’s not need eight not sure amassing.

Over it um but using like an eighth a balance or whatever for stuff like this is you is best if.

You can rather than doing some wonky balance or like a for example like a four to seven or like you know something like that that it’s usually better just to use like an eight eight or four to four and then just not utilize all of the lanes going.

In and out it we just find that those.

Seem to work a bit better in general okay so what we need to do first.

Though is we need to actually get stuff routed into these guys because we need to make sure we have enough room for that so we do have one set of red circuits coming in here and this is gonna be a Bluebell okay and then we have another set.

Of red circuits running in here but this one actually only needs to be a yellow belt of input and I’m gonna have to get yellow belt I didn’t quite do that so that’s fine and I’m trying to think cuz this gear build B actually it’s a twelve beacon build as well so this could actually share beacons maybe.

Wait what oh no because I start wait yeck is not like the start of a build so like it’s gonna be.

Little bit or wait actually why is this off died uh I screw this up somewhere I know this isn’t oh that’s a different twelve beacon design – Oh interesting okay but now I’m actually really.

Confused this should be the same beacon layout right okay that lines up okay.

Then we can’t show the B if we could share the beacons I was gonna run the belt underneath but we can’t anyway so it doesn’t really matter I do want to at least kind of try to line.

Most of them up though I want to make sure we have enough room here and.

Again don’t worry this or patch is gonna go away I’m probably just gonna use or eraser for it I haven’t gotten around to it yet so we’re just gonna do something like well know if we want to.

Run those down let’s bring that like let’s just stick it like right there we do want to have room to send all these lines in and the gear lines.

Out substations we do have substations to the Train of course I forgot them pretty difficult but we actually I think.

Have enough stuff on us aside from the substations to finish this bill like I said it’s super simple and this is.

What I mean guys when I say that like the hard part’s already over I mean the designing.

Of the science build some of them it’s gonna be a pain but like.


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