Right on time excellent it’s been exactly 12 hours since we administered the drug I trust your dreams were Pleasant Big Boss what are you talking about please drop the act I know all about YOU boss I would you before I called you make it snake sounds like you’ve got the right guy who are you my name is lieutenant.

Cunningham until four weeks ago I was with the CIA Cunningham Fox units interrogation specialist ah so you have heard of me I’m honored snake and those guys who attack me they were Fox – yeah.

At that for now what do you want from me I’m retired from Fox I’m guessing this isn’t a social call or you wouldn’t brought the goons retired yeah I suppose you are to the outside world don’t worry I’m not.

Here to give you a new mission I just want to ask you one simple question six years ago as a member of Fox you prevented a full-scale nuclear war you were hailed as a.

True patriot given the title of big boss by the president and then you turned right around and quit the unit to.

Reside your rank your good name mysterious don’t you think what did you see out there on your.

Mission what did you see in grozny grad where is the legacy you mean the Philosopher’s legacy yes the secret cache of funds amassed by the big three during the Second World War where is it if you’re looking for the legacy try the CIA they’re the ones who.

After the mission six years ago simply apply the right type of thing to the right degree at just the right location it’s always been my policy for persuasion and I found it to be quite effective the CIA only recovered half of the legacy from the Soviets after Operation Snake Eater and you know where the other half went the CIA only got half you can drop the act you defeated the boss and returned alive so you must know where the other half.

Of the legacy is and now you’re gonna tell me snake don’t have a clue that’s too.

Bad because I’d hate to have to continue persuading you like this comrade we have plenty of time.

Sooner or later I’m sure it’ll all come back to you wait this is an official mission is it what happened to major zero tell me the truth Cunningham this is an official Fox mission for now well I’ll be damned it is snake or should I say big boss are you the real deal you know.

Me are you kidding you’re a legend in the black ops world black ops what’s a hero like you doing in a place like this beats me I’d like to find out myself where are we.

Anyway near the equator from the looks of it I.

Had to guess I’d say South America you got it big boss the santur autumn open insula to be exact known to the locals as weapon.

And Scylla de los muertos the peninsula of the Dead it’s off the coast of central Colombia more or less directly south of Cuba never heard of it he wouldn’t have it doesn’t show up on any conventional maps it’s under read Harvey control the Red Army in Colombia in 1964 Russians provided military aid to FARC Colombia’s biggest rebel faction and in return FARC.

Gave them this land 1964 year of the virtuous mission two years prior the Russians failed in their attempt to build an intermediate-range ballistic missile base in Cuba had they succeeded.


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