Welcome to the how it works video homework help tutor comm for gear up Georgia my name is Evan O’Toole I’m the client services manager here at the Princeton Review so today we’re going to be covering exactly how tutor comm functions for gear up Georgia first step of course is to open a browser like I have in Chrome here.

And we’re going to navigate ourselves to WWE to comm.

Back slash gear up GA and once I do that I will be able to get to the homework help tutor comp site now keep in mind that while I might be on a laptop here and using Google Chrome you are actually able to use any browser on any device that includes phones tablets and.

Desktop PCs so regardless of which option you’re choosing you will have this available to you now once you’re here you’re.

Going to see some of the instructions here at the bottom for the most of you you will be using your gear of GA email that’s 99% of you that will be using that particular email as your username now your password has been set up as gear up and all lowercase and if you forget all of these instructions are right here at the bottom so don’t ever.
Hesitate to just take a look.

Down there and know that be reminded of those so for myself it’s a little different so I’m just gonna pop in here.

And once I fill out my username and password there just simply click sign in.

What’s called our landing page now this is where you have the ability to do a.

Variety of different things of course see all the options that are available to you within homework help tutor comm which is more than.

Just getting live tutoring but as we look down here you actually see a list of all of the different subjects that are available.

To you everything from you for classes math science English to writing social studies to foreign language out computer skills business courses that you might be taking just some introductory type things.

But also we have the ability to help you in evening nursing and healthcare which I know is not as applicable throughout the vast majority of the folks we’re working with but for some of you.

This might be an avenue which you’re pursuing and especially on a certain track to get there and we are offering their skin healthcare all of what you see here is 24/7 as we go down here I drop up sa review.

Is also available we’ll be covering that in a little bit and if you are a spanish-speaking student and you would like to learn from a tutor in Spanish math science and social studies subjects are available to you between the hours of 2:00 p.

Day 361 days a year and well show you how to get to that section as well when we go to our connect with a tutor net this is where you can actually connect to a tutor live so if you’d like to work with a tutor on-demand at any time 24/7.

361 this is where you would come now again si habla espanol get all up in there come on tutor in espanol haja is the elección espanol you know total s video esta en espanol it’s not a spoon it’s a black eye dos hey.

MA a toast mmm total los dias de la semana here we as we look through this the again the topics are available to are all listed here and then what.


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