Two-thirty now hit by stray tripping a couple of players working on streaks four in a row for temp three now up for dashi they can end it here you’ve got one final push coming in for eg Tim’s got Campbell to work with the bombardments out as well Ricky slaying all over the map whether it’s with his gun or.

The three-piece from the bombardment this one’s done Wow eg gets smoked temp 22 and 14 on a five streak in his own and look at study get up there.

Let them know his former teammates that dropped him just got destroyed and map one hard point by over a hundred seconds neighbors just look towards Minh like nodded like okay alright you get that word this is champs this is what he’s fired up.

About is huge this is his old team he was dropped from this team you’re playing this team is in the group stage of the biggest tournament of the year yeah of every right to be getting loud and smiling I interviewed this man on.
The main stage after they qualified for stage two as well as.

Champs he cried in the interview after what a relief at we five seconds now on the clock take a look at the mini-map.

Positioning from stray tripping havoc knows he’s got to make a play not a lot.

Work with spots one in the back has to check both corners picks wrong easy cleanup stray tripping out to does your lawyer go stream it’s just a study player cam I think what’s so beautiful about it is.

A lot of times when you see like the trash talk and someone’s pissed and planning former teammate say they almost look angry right he almost looks just happy like the.
Smile on his face it looks believe he was hit with the tactical as soon as.

We swapped off of them now on Ricky and study in a.

Two versus three you see where bomb is down it is uh it is not in the great position naugahyde just Snipes Ricky again what’s that five Snipes this map for naga fed now five his six I believe and we’ve seen him do that in this particular map before it so I thought about the first time.

Was it back in stage 1 or stage two qualifiers where he completely took over with it yep I think he has been spotted.

I could see Daniels repositioning on the map 25 seconds left they should have an idea of where the bomb is down at and Wow instant reaction time and you can see Naga fen showing some emotion smiling and I’m actually gonna give an argument and award he’s the worst fist pumper I’ve ever seen look at this shit his Naga Finn’s.

Reaction is react incredible absolutely nuts but we need to get him to the school fist bumping with your teammates because it looks like it challenges him more to do that than snipe the enemies must be the skinny arms it.

Is he’s afraid of his work his arms gonna braid mr.

X is the same issue he does Naga fen as FTL 125 off the trendy rocket sniper has been narrowly misses on.

Another shot there look at how much positioning he’s buying his team on the map right I mean you just had suffered all have to fall away they’d have stank’s thread as possible nameless dead in middle this looks like it should be straight.

Rip it’s round to take you gotta close out this for me to give yourself a chance a push this the distance and we’ll need to win it in around eleven if that’s how it’s gonna.


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