Recently we released a video detailing my thoughts on the new iPhone 10s and 10’s Macs and Apple’s position as an innovator in general and maybe it’s a video I shouldn’t have done because I allowed myself to get emotional rather than giving equal airtime to positive aspects of the iPhone experience that might not mean as much to me but.

Clearly mean a lot to our community so with the goal in mind of creating a second video now to balance out our first we turned.

To you and asked what were the.

Main reasons that you bought your iPhone why do you love it and we compiled this list of 10 legitimate ways that iPhones still beat the competition even if I still personally feel that their latest refresh is incremental expensive and boring thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video their password manager now.

Supports face ID on the latest iPhones learn more at the end of the video reason number one is security and privacy and this.

Apple’s biggest talking points recently and.

For good reason their long history as a company might not be perfect but they’ve taken some very bold steps in the interest of protecting their customers even refusing to comply with FBI requests to unlock their customers phones while Android is closing the gap here in general iPhones are more secure than Android devices where iPhones deliver consistent Hardware based security like the secure Enclave and the now infamous USB restricted mode on Android hardware based security.

Varies wildly between manufacturers with some handsets even having been accused of phoning home and providing user information to third parties as for the software well base Android is open source which theoretically would give it a security advantage over Apple because anyone could go in and examine the code for vulnerabilities in practice.

Ships on almost any device that you can actually buy has been modified by the manufacturer and those changes are typically not open-source furthermore the Google Play Store tends to have more malicious apps on it due to looser Submission.

Criteria and even if it didn’t Android allows users to install apps outside of the Play Store an attack vector that simply doesn’t exist for iPhone users and one that is actually currently in the process of becoming normalized by companies like Epic.

Games so they won’t have to pay Google a cut of their in-game purchase revenue reason number two is optimization the smartphone market has matured to the point where Chinese brands that you’ve never heard of.

Are making phones that legitimately aren’t complete garbage yet Apple’s deep integration between the hardware and the OS continues to give.

Them a lead in speed stability and just feeling smooth now Android fans will complain Appl cheaped out on the specs of their phone but the cold hard truth is that just because apples investment wasn’t.

In Moore DRAM chips to solder to their main boards doesn’t mean.

That they necessarily cheaped out software development costs real money and it’s not an accident that they get more out of four gigs of RAM than others are getting with ten and one more thing their CPUs are at times as much as a full generation ahead of the competition Apple presses this advantage by offering.

Reason number three industry-leading device support Apple’s phones and tablets get updates both for features and security more quickly more consistently and for longer than just about any other mobile.

The market and contrary to the general perception that exists that Apple acts with planned obsolescence in mind forcing users to upgrade by.

Slowing down their old devices the last few updates have actually had a lot of users reporting that their old phone feels snappier after the update the fact that iPhones are so well optimized and supported by Apple four years after release contributes then to number four longevity you can use your iPhone four four five maybe.

Even six years if you stretch it it was actually only recently that my iPad 2 finally stopped working with enough apps that I actually care about that I had to retire it and the thing about this is that even if you won’t use your device for five years I mean I suspect a lot of the people out there watching this channel.

Swap their phones a little more frequently than that you could which is part of what helps customers justify the four digit price tags.

On these things that and iPhones hold their value better people are still selling iPhone 6s for $200 how much would you get today for your Galaxy S five here’s a hint probably less than this broken iPhone 6 and they both came out in 2014 now yes Apple did slow down phones with old batteries without telling anyone.

But considering that the longevity of the hardware is one of their main selling points I get why they didn’t want to go around shouting hey your old iPhones battery sucks and so that’s why we had to slow it down a bit from the mountaintops number five new apps often launch first on iPhone and there.

Are a lot of interesting reasons for this including device penetration in the u. the propensity for iPhone users to spend money and just plain old developer preference but at the end of the day none of those reasons really matter because when I buy a phone it’s ultimately about the experience I’m going to have and Android users often have to wait longer whether it’s for the companion app for that Kickstarter you backed a hot new social network like.
Tbh which managed to get big enough to be acquired and.

Then eventually shut down by Facebook before it ever hit Android or even a global phenomenon like fortnight which only arrived on Android in August despite being available on iOS a full four.

Months earlier bringing us to at least one important app that is never coming to Android iMessage my message is objectively way better than SMS there’s group chats read receipts stickers and it works over Wi-Fi.

So you can use it across your devices even without your sim installed all great stuff and yes you could use whatsapp or Facebook Messenger WeChat or.

Just about any chat app that you want for that and emojis notwithstanding but the fact is that I message like FaceTime is a default that everyone with an iPhone has and that gives it tremendous power I’ve actually heard Android users complain about missing out on events with their friends because the invite only happened to go out to the.

IMessage group chat and as a techie how difficult it is to convince iOS users to install third-party chat apps might make my brain hurt a little bit but here again the reason I message is important doesn’t matter it’s all about the user experience and people prefer it because why would you want to switch when it works so well with your other Apple devices you can reply to messages from your MacBook and.

Secure code autofill super cool it’ll just grab that two-factor SMS from your phone and plop it down directly in your browser because that’s right number seven is the ecosystem your photos messages and browsing history are synced between your iPhone and MacBook you’ve got Universal copy/paste you.

Can send files with airdrop instead of trying to figure out if your friends phone has NFC at all and if it does wear exactly the stupid antennas aligned and even I was blown away by how legitimately pretty damn magical the pairing processes.

For the air pods which are an accessory and accessories are reason number eight that’s that wasn’t that bad right the thing.

About having a large number of people out there using the same device is that there’s money to.

Be made making everything from cases to gimbals to even personal massager okay not not all of the iPhone accessories make a ton of sense but the point.

Is when it comes to accessories iPhones do give you more choice number nine is the hardware mute button believe it or not this is one of the few features that has stuck around since the very first iPhone and curiously hasn’t been copied on mass by other phone manufacturers oneplus does include a similar three position switch on their phones is actually kind.

Of the odd one out there with and the weird thing is that it’s not even because they can’t find a place to put another button they just want it to like some in Bixby or whatever the especially funny thing here is that while most people assume.

That Apple has the mute switch patented or something we actually couldn’t find any evidence for that so hit us up in.

The comments if you know something that we don’t know here bringing us finally to number 10 setup now both iOS and right through your Apple ID and your Google account respectively allow you to transfer your apps and photos from your old device to your new.

One but when it comes to the smoothness of the experience only some Android migrations manage to retain system settings and app icon placements like when you go from a Samsung to a Samsung Apple does all this stuff by default and for enterprise zero touch deployments with Apple take the cake again Apple’s business manager helps companies automate.

Device deployment delegate administrative privileges and purchase apps in bulk so that it’s easy to manage user licenses now that last one might not be a big deal for you the individual employee but this is about reasons to own.

An iPhone and so it could be a big reason that you are stuck with an iPhone for work even if you’d prefer something else so the final component of this video then is.


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