Assalamu aleikum managers welcome back look where I am at the family farm who since packaged in zenit saint boston herzegovina marshal la beautiful I’m welcoming you welcome double dose me and visit this place man is beautiful anyway who has the best interest in the world man in the tech world check this out man anyway this is yes ninja.

Is here we go another battle o Yanna freshly released a new.

Game cyber a hunter this game looks impressive in just.

Unbelievable graphics you will see I remember that this is like kind.

Of a post release build or I know how even to call it just a minute work that I send.

Go back man he’s still on but what the game is still on because I was I was I tried it I tried it for a few minutes or so anyway what I want to say that this game looks amazing this is probably believe me or not.

One of the best-looking android games there are downsides of course because this game is just released there are a lot of glitches and a lot of bugs I would call it like that but let’s go through.

The graphics here firstly check it out what can i because I have the easy screen check this out – how kind of graphics it has best shadows High effects high it has all sold to mainframe mates probably that’s the 60fps and it has this HDR but I can’t enable it.

Honestly I can’t in it but like you see by itself so what’s happening why I can’t enable I don’t get it anyway confirm configuration should run.

It like this you will see you will see.

The graphics oh my god right now you can download it on App epic a pure think so this is Pokemon f1 by the way did I press not ready yet can’t start mashing why not bro not ready yet just meant let me see what’s happening so I got it I had some kind of a squad mode or something like that and.

We knew just check it out oh wait.

A minute half-baked where’s that Mike where’s the microwave the Mike now disable these are dated oh yeah over there check it out check it out on bak of on f1 60fps is so smooth oh my god shadows are activated you can see by itself.

You see later on remember this is the first release check the water ninja is down there oh my god let me just go check it out check it out the Jets please check this out beautiful beautiful.

Bro beautiful check the plane and check the plane ha ha and.

When you’re checking you a little bit to the cloud we have some mountains over there I think that the map here it is smaller than the pop G’s map I think so anyway let’s see more the clouds the Sun Sun reflection Oh oh my god this game looks amazing check out now parachuting ourselves of course you do feel languages which is.

Completely fine it is a just-released game ok let’s go a little bit I would say this is kind of them from the marvels how it’s called that dude with this kind of floating disc can call it a floating disc first be floating.

Frisbee anyway let me find a house first where I’m gonna find a house I don’t see it anywhere come on come on come on come on come on ok I’m gonna go over here I hope I’m gonna find something come on come on.

On okay we are in the game we are in the game check this out ninja check this out oh my god so I don’t have any weapon oh off 1 f1 this is like a fusion of of rules of survival creative destruction forth craft love how how basically how it changed the color when I look at this at the Sun very interesting is he still running after me no it’s not nice uh-huh.

I hope we’re gonna have some weapons over here no weapons their graphics best-best ultimate so everything is on high or the Pokemon f1 okay there we go ah somebody’s already there.

Damn it those leashes go down what is dead check it out ninjas how about this small touch it’s really cool yeah I forgot to mention it is also kind of a mixture of fortnight Oh check this out man whoa this looks cool bro it does look cooler okay.

Let’s go let’s go come on give me something gave me something an arm a basic armor okay nothing else over here and what is that basic helm so basically you can never get yourself hurt by falling from some.

Height or something yeah because you’re gonna have the small robot next to you still no oh you have a boat there let me just see this like also kind.

Of mixture for Starcraft or something like that what kind of sorcery is this man don’t up on f1 here.

Is the base you can see myself it runs this game 60fps oh my god such a smooth the game place such a smooth gameplay oh wait a minute you can also check this out ninjas well this is nuts.

He’s also a spider-man what the heck Oh finally gave me give me a weapon.

Give me what then yes later Arbor can climb on everything bro so beautiful to see 60 FPS man so beautiful I don’t care which game it is is just amazing to see it’s a huge difference between 30 and 60 fps just a response there and an amazing also a lot of you saying that Bhagavan.

Has some touch issues honestly I don’t have any touch issues at all mine is perfect like I already mentioned pokey furnace has one of the best screens that tested so far with it Xiaomi smartphones and sensitivity is just spot-on in my case over here so this guy can climb on everything man I think let me just try this tree I don’t think he will manage to try on D.

Yeah here’s this is nuts bro.

What the heck this is epic have to admit that this is epic can he go there over here minute can you walk now there drop teachers job ah bro see I didn’t hurt myself there a little bit because I didn’t.

Enable this robot but this is amazing row you can climb on everything when everything here oh just minute oh there it is nice what the heck how many bullets I need to waste check this out now oh my god so I’m gonna so just drop this thing discard and try.

To just come in with my punch yeah okay okay no bullets he doesn’t have any bullets here at all no bullets okay so let’s go next yes I’m gonna also test.

The temperatures don’t worry just few minutes more and then we’re gonna test temps and finish this video the thermals also I’m going to.

Tell the thermals and the actual temperature outside because using the thermometer oh I’m dead I’m dead now yes I’m dead would he follow me he is following me he is following me can I choose the curry items on the move.

Also if I had my bad my bad focus focus focus so.

To prom huh cool healing bro cool healing mode so he can’t crawl I’ll call like that or promote it is called promote promote this thing is this thing this thing same issue the same problem or the same smoke on roots of survival had they added the crawling to crawl with an update they’re gonna probably add it with this game also then probably gonna add also the first person view let’s go to the water I wonder are they have it they have the safe zone or the.

They call it I wonder how it looks like outside of disease but chuckling just check please check the water the graphics are.

Water itself check it out check it out please check this out I’m gonna go into water a little bit.

Oh ah I look so cool bro can I Drive this thing oh my god yes you can adjust you can drive hey this is cool this is cool indeed looks cool it has any the turbo mode a neat remote just a minute just a minute come on come come on come come on.

Let’s go now I’m gonna try it I’m gonna test it see how it looks.

Like whoa ah this is cool bro this game is cool I have to admit that it is cool bro quantum channel opened dropping supplies outside of the safe zone no no no no no go back go back you see this thing because I have a screen recorder activated in the background I’m not screen recording but I do have it running.

In the background so that’s why you see this small circle you don’t we want to have it with your with the game they’ll remember that they just remember that anyway exit and check out check again in the water love it he’s scanning me in the water oh no he’s.

He’s basically I don’t know what he’s doing he’s guarding me or something anyway I think this is it let’s go now and test the temps 39 39 not bad not.

Bad 15 minutes ninjas I mean no not 15 almost 20 minutes playing this game 39:40 this is completely fine so what I’m gonna put I’m gonna put it in the background in just a minute come on and just go like this and it should be lets open either 64 where are you my Ida where are you just.

A minute just a minute he found it let’s go to thermals so check it out ninjas 47 degrees 46 okay right now as soon as we exit the game that it was 50 you say.

At 49 50 Celsius ninjas I didn’t have to say that this liquid cooling it it’s not like it’s a big dear friend it’s not like it’s gonna it won’t be but I did even with a puppy I did get hearing a thing like 41 degrees I got it with the.

Thermal meter out of course when we are measuring this screen itself and the back not the thermals itself inside the CPU so right now it.

Did get down because we did exit the game but the game is still running I think it’s still running at the background there you go kind of let me see oh it’s not running anymore to lobby now yeah you can see myself that the temperatures temperature did drop therefore 2 degrees or so so we showed the best ninjas hope you enjoyed in the small short gameplay a very impressive game this has this game has.

The huge potentials I love the graphics probably one of the best Kingdom great games right now that 2 came out in this month maybe even in this.


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