Without people oh man so much to do guys why is there always so much to do in this game like it’s a great problem to have but some days I’m just like oh my god there’s so much there’s so much we have to do let’s get cut offs going first thing before we even get to the tweet I.

Don’t know what five-star carnage went for yes I did get five-star carnage myself I really don’t know what he went for though.
Say 40 million for the the V buck is that too close to another word.

Okay but that’s like venom and duck that’s probably too much yes let’s just go with duck duck five-star V duck all right let’s go V dot V da.

Dot v dot duck V duck 40 million for the five-star let’s say 13 million for the four-star and ha that’s right I have to get forgot I have to get the three-star I thought I was like done going for anything except for a little bit of milestones here but nope always something.

A grind guys got to grab that three-star Nebula four-star I think is gonna go for I don’t know let’s just say two million flat I I really think that nebula has.

A chance to go like under 2 million I.

Think I think I think maybe will go for under 2 million honestly but you never know so please.

Grind higher whatever champion you’re going for these are only guesses please excuse me my cuff was going away ma’am whatever champion you’re going for please grind higher than my guess is here you key sent it over nine of them polish dollars saying hey BG one of buck Yuki no I’m.

Going with that thank you so much dude all right hang on hang on hang on I can never remember what what the Polish dollars equate to alright it’s about 250 all right but.

Yuki thank you so much dude I think you know what’s gonna happen next it’s inevitable there’s no way to stop it if you try what’s gonna happen is you’re just gonna get thank you so much dude Bobby if you.

Want to oh I want to you’re damn right I won’t you all right I got to change a couple settings.

Really really quick here we’re almost done setting up guys we are almost Yeah right it was anyway we got another black man as the first one in here rawhide Tyco Ron by DZ Hank it’s Sharma tweet idea why did the picture go to jail because he.

Was framed do I boo that one I don’t know if I boo that joke what’s up Miguel what’s up what’s up what’s up my school’s down we got go to Busan boosts well BG I’m in Buffalo and why instead of Canada I forgot all.

My two knees at home all your two knees at home dude what are you gonna do do you have any loonies on you perhaps hey Bryan with the understanding that I woke up seven hours ago what are your thoughts on me having 4 million right now damn a.

Hawk you’re killing it dude yeah that’s a good score that’s a great score did you really run your 5 stars again or are you like about to run them again kind of sorcery this was something as.

Bad a good nikto legacy legacy that’s right we’re gonna do we’re gonna do some dungeons in a second here someday I was probably the best thing I’ve seen all week we had or the thumbnail guy is courtesy of Katie can you sense over a few thumbnails to use for the ducking duh kings we could you know what let’s go with some kind of a duck pun hold.


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